If you are an US immigrant who is facing difficulties while dealing with the federal immigration office, you should seek legal counsel. An experienced immigration attorney can turn the tide in your favor and help you in ways that you probably did not even consider possible before. Read on to know what an immigration attorney can do for you.

Appeal Against a Denied Application

If your immigration application has been denied, it might be possible for you to get that decision reversed with an appeal. Immigration attorneys will first determine why the application was denied in the first place by placing an inquiry. Based on their findings, they will tell you whether you have any chances of launching a successful appeal against the immigration denial. In case there is a chance for you to appeal and you agree to go through with the process, your immigration lawyer will guide you through the steps.

If your lawyer finds the denial cannot be appealed against at this time, they will start working on your reapplication date. They will also help you with making the necessary preparations. Despite the difference legal representation can make, most immigrants don’t seek legal counsel because they falsely believe it to be too expensive. Instead of assuming that you can’t afford quality immigration attorneys of your own, just go through this legal article called How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Immigration Attorney in NYC?

Expediate Employer Cooperation

A work-related visa is the easiest kind of visa that you can get as an immigrant in the US. However, if you find yourself waiting far longer than expected for an employment visa, there is a high chance your employer is not doing everything that they should to cooperate and expediate the process from their end.

Contact an immigration lawyer to find the best possible solution. They will check the contract and see what it means for both the employee and the employer. As long as there is a legal possibility to do so, your immigration attorney will contact your employer to ensure faster, better cooperation.

Find Competent Legal Defense

As an immigrant, you must make an extra effort to be on the right side of the law. Avoid any entanglements with law enforcement for reasons even as minor as a parking ticket. You want to have the cleanest record possible if you want your immigration application to have the highest chance of going through. Unfortunately, that’s not how it always goes and immigrants will often end up being prosecuted for charges that range from minor misdemeanors to criminal felonies.

However, just because an immigrant is under prosecution, it does not mean he/she is convicted. An immigration attorney can exponentially improve your chances of making a successful defense in court. If you are deemed innocent at the court of law, your record will remain clean. The incident will show up, but it should technically not have any consequence on your application’s approval or denial. If you don’t have any prior convictions for serious crimes in any nation, even better.