congress in assam

Everyone knows about the congress party in India. It is one of the famous and popular parties in India and everyone knows about it. The member at the congress is excellently ruling India. They change our country differently and excellently. Now, most of the people are graduated and educated well, the main reason for this is the congress members across India. They are the ones who are ruling and developed our country states in a great manner. 

How congress improves the Assam state?

Assam is one of the wonderful states in India. In that state, congress in assam has won and been elected by the people multiple times. The main reason for their succession is their ruling. The people liked their ruling way, the ministers and the MLA’s at the congress are doing well-worse services to the people, and they are fulfilling all the people’s wishes. 

In the olden days, Assam state people were suffered more from poverty. After the congress ruling came, they provided all the basic requirements to their people such as education, low cost and good quality foods to their people plus proper water facilities, home to the homeless people, etc.

If you don’t trust all these details in this article you can read it on the Assam newsThey are updating all the information about the Assam people’s welfare and the congress good activities at that state. To know more about their activities you can read it from the upcoming article.

How to face religious persecution?

This is to be noticed that the under the CAA, individuals from Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi and Christian people group who have come from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan till December 31, 2014, confronting strict abuse there, won’t be treated as unlawful foreigners and will be given the Indian citizenship. The counter CAA dissenters in the state say that the law abuses the arrangements of the Assam Accord.

How does congress help to protect all the traditional cultures of the Assam people?

The congress in assam members is always interested to protect their cultures, languages, and people’s traditions. They want the people not to forget all their olden cultures which were born from our ancestors. The MLA’s are providing special welfare funds to those people who are doing our old cultures as their professional works.

 Because those people are now getting low payouts for their work, to avoid their difficulties they are providing this welfare fund to them. It helps to encourage the traditionally and culturally working professionals.

In our cultures, they are several temples at Assam which were created by the Assam ancestors several years ago. Now it is properly maintained by the congress members and it now turned into a beautiful tourist place to the outsider people. With the above information’s you can visually seat the Assam news. 

What are welfare schemes created by congress at Assam?

Congress provided a lot of loan options to the people which are 

  • Educational loan – People who suffered to pay money at colleges can buy this education loan from their nearby government banks. After completing their studies to some enterprises they can repay it.
  • Land buying loans – People can buy new land for their survival from the government. They can repay it as an EMI 
  • Agricultural loans – Farmers can use this loan for their agricultural process.
  • Business loans – People who want to start their own business or company can buy this loan from government banks. Various sections are divided on these business loans.

These are all the good things and actions taken by congress ruling parties to the Assam people.