The roof is an important structure of your home. When functional, it serves as a barrier, protecting the interior of your home from exterior elements, including winds, rain, sun, and snow. Over time, the roof will wear and tear. Taking action before the problem escalates is advisable.

Being proactive in checking for early signs of roof damage is crucial in maintaining your roof in optimum condition. You want to avoid filling damaged spots with shingles and later discover the problem is extensive. Also, you do not want to tear down your whole roof where a minor repair would sort the problem.

Read on to know if you should contact a roof repair company for repair or replacement.

Check The Lifespan Of Your Roof Versus Age

Roofs have a lifespan that you can use to tell when it is time for a replacement. On average, roofs will last 20 to 50 years, depending on the materials, which include:

  • Asphalt composite roofs last up to two decades
  • Metal roofs last up to 50 years
  • Clay tiles last for approximately 40 years

Knowing the installation date for your roof is necessary to estimate its lifespan. If the lifespan is almost over, there will be noticeable deterioration, and contacting a roof repair company for replacement is necessary.

Check The Roof’s Condition

The extent of roof damage will dictate whether to replace or repair your roof. Where the damage is too overwhelming for repair, consider a replacement. Minor damages, covering 30% of your roof, can be corrected by a repair. While the damage may appear minor in your eyes, the unseen portion could be major, and inviting a roof repair company for inspection is ideal for accurate assessment.

Annual roof inspections will also save you the repair and replacement costs as the professionals will detect and repair minor problems before they escalate and require replacement.  

Duration You Intend To Stay In Your Home

Roof improvement is a popular choice by homeowners to increase property value. A roof upgrade is advisable if you intend to sell your home at a higher value. You may need immediate action in some cases, making repair impossible. For instance, if you have to move to a new town due to work, a repair is ideal given the time limitations. On average, it will take three days to complete a roof repair. However, filing claims, getting permits, and other approvals can take up to 30 days.

Home Insurance Cover

Roof replacement or repair can be costly depending on the extent of damage, location, and roof size. It is no wonder homeowners have insurance to cater to home problems. However, insurance companies avoid repairing or replacing roofs damaged by natural wear and tear or neglect. Working with an experienced roof repair company will guide your negotiation with the insurance company for the best possible outcome.

Contact A Roof Repair Company For Roof Repair Or Replacement

Now that you know when repair or replacement is ideal, you appreciate the essence of an inspection to assess your roof situation. A professional company will inspect your roof, detect minor and major issues, and offer the best approach to resolve them.