Outlook rules not working

Microsoft Outlook is one of the top email services used worldwide by over 400 million active users. This email client offers primary email-related services like sending, receiving, forwarding, and composing emails to other users. In addition, it is also a personal information manager that contributes to organizing your daily activities in one single place. Outlook automatically manages your calendars by scheduling all your important meetings, flights, and events on the calendar itself. Furthermore, it allows you to ignore an unimportant conversation thread altogether so you can focus on more important emails and more. This extensively beneficial email client is beneficial for following through with daily tasks and activities conveniently. You will find the solutions to one of the most commonly recurring issues; Outlook rules not working in this blog.

Introduction To Outlook Rules & Causes For The Malfunction

Outlook automatically performs actions on sent or received email messages by categorizing them into their respective folders, as per the user’s demands. Outlook comprehends and understands the user’s actions and implements them on all messages.

There can be a variety of reasons why the problem with Outlook rules occurs. These reasons can cause conflict between the rules and the email client, causing them to misbehave. The causes are as follow:

  • Exceeding the rules quota that Outlook initially assigns you
  • Corrupted settings files
  • Rules application set on only one computer
  • Corruption in POP3 or IMAP Account

As mentioned previously, there can be multiple reasons for outlook rules not working automatically.  Please refer to the solutions mentioned below to resolve the problems.

Resolutions For Outlook Rules Malfunction

It is crucial to resolve Outlook rules malfunctions as they play a significant role in keeping your inbox organized and well-structured. When a problem with Outlook rules occurs, users find it confusing to fix them. You can find the most effective resolutions for this particular problem below.

Resolution 1: Reset The SRS File

The first resolution is to change the srs file by adding .old as a suffix. You can find this File on your computer’s C drive.

  • Open My Computer on your system and click on C drive to open it
  • Choose the Users folder next, followed by the username folder
  • Next, click on AppData and then on roaming
  • Choose Microsoft from the list and then select Outlook from the following list
  • Locate the Outlook.srs file and change it to Outlook.srs.old File

After making the changes in the name, please reopen Outlook to check if the Outlook 365 rules not running automatically persists or resolves.

Resolution 2: Resolve Corruption When Using POP3 or IMAP Account

If you use an account with POP3 or IMAP settings, the above solution may not be the best solution for you. Nevertheless, you can reset your rules and then check for corruption, all using the steps mentioned below. Please note that this resolution is divided into a few parts, so implement accordingly.

Delete The Rules

  • Open Outlook 2007 and click on the Tools option to reveal a drop-down menu
  • Select Rules and Alerts from the drop-down list
  • If you use Outlook 2010, 2013, or 2016, you can find the Manage Rules & Alerts directly in the File drop-down list

Determine PST-File Location

  • In Outlook 2007, please select Data File management from the File option
  • In Outlook 2010 and above, choose File, then select Account Settings, and then tab Data Files

Run Scanpst.exe file

  • Close Outlook on your system
  • Run the scanpst.exe against your pst-file, now that you know the File’s location to check for its errors

Recreate The Rule

  • Open Outlook again on your computer
  • Please reform a rule-based on your preferences and save it on your Outlook account

Please check if the Outlook rules not working issue has been resolved now. If you are still unsuccessful, please implement the following resolution.

Resolution 3: Use Exchange Account To Fix Corruption

If you function within the Exchange Environment, you will witness if it functions well when you deactivate the Cached Exchange Mode and then make the rule in the same way as mentioned earlier.

First, Locate the OST-File

  • Open Outlook and click on the File option to view a drop-down menu
  • Click on the Account Settings option
  • Choose the Account Settings option again and then choose the tab Data Files

Second, Turn Cached Exchange Mode On/Off

  • Open Outlook on your computer
  • Click on the File option that you can find at the top-right corner of the screen
  • Upon clicking on the File option, you will see a drop-down list of options
  • Please select Account Settings and then click on the Account Settings option again
  • Next, please double click on your Exchange Account to deactivate it

Resolution 4: Make Room For Newer Rules

Since Outlook provides a limited quota for the rules, it is crucial to maintain the space for newer and older rules so that all function well. One of the many reasons for Outlook rules not working automatically is space entire in the rules quota. You can fix it by removing old rules that you no longer use to make space for the new ones.

Using the resolutions mentioned in this blog, such as resetting the srs file, fixing corruption in POP3 or IMAP Accounts, using exchange accounts to fix, and making room for newer rules, you can fix the problem with Outlook rules quite effectively.