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In a world where data is abundant and digital evidence is part of every case, the quest for transparency, security and accountability is more important than ever.

On the 14th of December 2021, during the IP crime conference for the Middle East and Northern Africa in Dubai, Lifehash showcased a solution for governments and law enforcement agencies called ‘Evidential Chain’. Today, LifeHash released this solution for their customers.

What is LifeHash Evidential Chain?

Evidential Chain is an evidential platform utilising blockchain technology that accurately reports, collects and records all essential information required to provide safe, secure and transparent legal and criminal justice processes. It has been designed in this way because the integrity and continuity of tangible and intangible evidence is vital to the success of any civil or criminal investigation. 

LifeHash enables you to capture relevant digital evidence and related data like time, date, location and use cryptography to secure it on resilient public blockchain networks. This ensures that evidence is entirely traceable, auditable and, of course, impossible to tamper with. LifeHash records data at the scene, as actions occur, in a completely secure and auditable way, providing an immutable record of all the information related to the evidence in question and eradicating genuine mistakes, recording errors and tampering. 

The Technology

Evidential Chain is built on top of Bitcoin and DigiByte networks. Both are public UTXO blockchains and use proof-of-work for their consensus algorithms. 

The combination of both blockchains allows us to deliver maximum security whilst still providing scalability and speed. 

Data immutability is ensured completely because the solution is built on reliable, decentralised projects like Bitcoin and DigiByte. In contrast, many blockchain solutions are built on permissioned centralized blockchain networks. Not only is this a security risk when dealing with sensitive and critical data, but it also heavily relies on centralised entities for the longevity of the data infrastructure.

“Blockchain is designed to be a ledger of accurate, complete and original time-stamped data, which is the very essence of what is required to prove the continuity of evidence. It’s the perfect solution.”

Lee Spencer, Business Development Manager, LifeHash

Do you want to know more about LifeHash Evidential Chain? Click here to view the factsheet

About LifeHash

LifeHash was founded in July of 2021 and creates blockchain solutions for companies and organisations in several industries.  The company has over 25 years of investigative experience gained from various law enforcement agencies worldwide, including New Scotland Yard London. Its development team has been building blockchain technology for over a decade. LifeHash combines existing time-tested blockchain solutions, such as Bitcoin and Digibyte, and applies them to industry-specific challenges. There is no need for complex integrations, questionable token systems or detailed knowledge. To find out more about LifeHash, visit https://lifehash.com/.

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