Ten years ago, businesses were content to outsource their software development efforts entirely to Microsoft. ASP.NET was used for the front end, .NET for the middle tier, and SQL Server for the back-end—it seemed Microsoft had a virtual monopoly on the proceedings.

After having influenced software development services for over a decade, the Microsoft Stack has waned in popularity, largely due to the launch of the iOS. However, there are plenty of reasons to stick with Microsoft stack development.

Here are 6 features that explain why outsourcing Microsoft stack development services can help businesses create dynamic websites and apps for their customers.

  1. .NET Framework

.NET Framework has been around for more than a decade and has been fully tested. Most development jobs are now covered right out of the box, whereas in the early days of .NET, it was customary to use both native development and managed code. Even firms like Oracle have provided components for interfacing with their products that are fully .NET managed code. Consistent, well-documented, and utilized by millions of people, the .NET API is one of the best in the industry.

  1. ASP.NET

Nowadays, developers can integrate various non-Microsoft technologies with ASP.NET, including Bootstrap and AngularJS. Websites built using ASP.NET may be seen on various devices, from smartphones to desktop computers, thanks to its Web API features.

On top of all that, ASP.NET is open source, making it a scalable and cost-effective framework for small businesses. Web developers can easily access the source code on GitHub to overcome any challenges in the app-building process. However, companies with limited or no coding experience may also reach out to a reliable Microsoft stack development service provider to convert their ideas into a responsive application. 

  1. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

WCF is ideal for unconventional use cases, making it easy to expose your API over the net. Custom serialization of data, logging, intercepting and routing of messages, peer-to-peer systems, queuing, and many other features are all possible using WCF’s numerous configuration options and hooks. 

Web API can get the job done in minutes if you need a simple Microsoft stack development service. If your service requirements are more sophisticated, WCF can handle everything. Both technologies are pre-installed in the.NET framework and support a wide range of service situations.

  1. Best database in the business

Although SQL Server has a wide range of features, the simplicity with which it integrates with other Microsoft products sets it apart from its competitors. When it comes to simplifying data access, the Entity Framework, now in its sixth edition, has shown its worth as a professional software development services. This means that SQL Server’s .NET Framework may be used as a stored procedure, function, or aggregate without slowing down the database. 

In-memory tables in SQL Server 2014 allow you to construct real-time solutions that would otherwise be hard to do using SQL and traditional tables. 

  1. Microsoft’s renowned CRM program

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a full CRM solution for marketing, sales, and customer care. Customisability is the key feature of this CRM program. Web developers can tailor the software package to meet a client’s particular demands because of its extensibility and scalability.

This Microsoft stack development service offers improved growth, increased possibilities, better information management, etc. Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a breeze to master, especially if you have already dealt with Microsoft products like SharePoint and Office.

  1. Microsoft’s Visual Studio

With the help of Microsoft Visual Studio, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), you can create just about anything. Microsoft Visual Studio provides an effective approach for developers to create their applications through online services, computer programs, or mobile applications. Code written, debugged, and tested by developers is more precise, allowing them to produce high-quality apps. 

In addition, the IDE offers tools for team communication, which enhances the overall quality of the application development process. Software development services like Microsoft Visual Studio go a long way toward making life easier for programmers.


Microsoft offers several efficient and scalable software development services that can bring exceptional creativity and proficiency to your web design projects. ASP.NET has moved on beyond Web Forms and has adopted various additional technologies and approaches, many of which are open source. 

New libraries for multi-threading and many-core computing are breaking new ground in the .NET framework, resulting in more businesses opting for Microsoft technical stacks. Moreover, open-source systems that are adaptable to non-Windows applications are a step in the right direction.

If you want well-designed and custom-built websites to propel your business growth forward, Microsoft stack development is a seamless, straightforward, and accessible option.