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If you are confused between the paid guest posts and the unpaid guest posts then, you are not alone. There are various companies who want to know the difference between the two. The people who get themselves engaged in SEO and link building services raise questions because today’s everything changed. 

You can’t randomly start any practice if you don’t know about the results. Because one wrong step will turn you into bad practice overnight. The same is the case with the guest posting. 

What are paid guest posts?

In other words, we can say that the paid guest posts are the guest posts services that we can write for the other sites. That other sites will pay you in return for contributing the content on their sites.

So, if you mix the paid guest with the link buying, then you are wrong. As in paid guest posts, you get paid for writing the guest posts. Whereas if you are going to buy the link then, you need to pay for the linking site. 

Suppose,  you want to drive to a qualified traffic site. Then you need to do the paid guest posts. Through which you can establish yourself as an industry expert. You will easily develop authority as well as credibility among the targeted audience. Through this process, you are easily able to promote your brand awareness.

How do paid guest posts work?

The paid guest posts work by bringing the best results for the business through guest posting efforts, which is possible by writing quality content. The guest posts writer handles all the hassle from the outreaching, writing, and  publishing of guest posts.

It doesn’t seem to be as easy as it sounds. As everysteps needs a detailed process and a strict quality assurance. And a lot of work it will require. So, if you are also planning to write guest posts then, you must prepare yourself priorly.  

Here are some of the steps which you need to follow for the Great Guest Posts journey.

You need to choose a relevant blog. 

You can find many sites which offer money for writing blogs for them. But, you can’t pitch all the writing sites because it is hard to handle content writing for all the blogs. So, it is good to choose those who qualify for your niche.

You don’t need to worry anymore, as finding relevant blogs is no longer a difficult job. You can take the help of google for this purpose.

Choose those who offer you the best blogging opportunity.

Next after finding the paid guest posts sites. You must list the best sites among them. Because you are not writing just for the sake of money. The main purpose of writing must be to establish credibility, become an authority, and build a good audience base. 

So, instead of pitching each and every site, select those sites that offer you huge traffic and good audience engagement. Those who are offering quality content posts.

The quality of the content makes a difference from Google-friendly guest posts to spammy guest posts. Google pays no concern if you are going to tag high quality content. So, always look for quality guest posting sites.

Read the guidelines properly, then send the proposal.

Once you have picked up the list of the sites, then, you need to send them the proposal. If you have chosen to write the blog for the high quality sites then, it won’t be easy as you are a paid guest blogger.

There are guidelines as well as criteria to allow one to become a paid guest posting on their sites. So, always make sure to fulfill the guidelines as well as criteria carefully. As once you come to know about the rules and guidelines of the guest posting. It has become easier to write a blog.

Write quality guest posts.

Once you come to know about the blog posting requirements of the blogging sites. Next, it is time to write down the high-quality content. So, it is always good to read a few posts of the known guest posts sites.

Through this process, you come to learn what type of articles they publish. The topics they have already covered. And their required writing style as well as tone. Lastly, which topic do you need to choose?

Once you have completed all your research work. It is time to get down to writing fantastic posts. Always make sure to write high quality content and just for the formalities. But, before you start writing you just perform a depth-research of the subject matter to create a well-informed content. In other words, leave no stone unturned to create the best content.


Guest posts are one of the best things that happen in the SEO world. It is not just for the link-building technique. But, it also gives various other benefits like brand awareness, credibility, and the authority establishment. Let me know if you want to know more about these guest posts services.

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