Excellent is how people can easily describe the performance of 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan. With an agile and swift driving aspect and its powertrain being fuel efficient, there is no doubt in the fact that its performance will rival any vehicle in its category. If you are solely looking for performance of vehicle, close your eyes and book a 2021 Tiguan from Volkswagen dealership San Bernardino. Still to satisfy your mind you can go through details below!

VW Tiguan’s engine                                                           

One of the reasons for its amazing performance is the turbocharged engine that is equipped. This 4-cylinder option is capable of producing 184-hp and standard front wheel drivetrain. However, VW still offers its famous AWD 4Motion system as an option for people seeking it. Also, this engine is mated with automatic eight-speed for easy shifting of gears; one might not feel this machine to be eager when driving around town, but actually is as quick as most of its competitors.

Apart from performance, this ride is quite compliant and comfortable, which is something every Tiguan driver appreciates and is also precise in most conditions. Though, one might feel some of the bumps on road when driving FWD trims, AWD ones easily manages every rough and cratered roads for the smooth ride everyone wants. Also, it comes with a great braking system and progressive pedals that is similar to other VW cars in the lineup.

Fuel mileage

The VW Tiguan will provide mileage of 29 mpg and 23 mpg (highway and city respectively), according to EPA. However, opting for the AWD models will decrease these numbers by 2 meaning 27 mpg and 21 mpg (city and highway respectively). Getting such high mileage and amazing performance of this vehicle is due to its excellent engine and complete design of this vehicle.

Other features to know about

The exterior look practical and simple yet has a class that most Volkswagen vehicles showcase. It also comes with VW’s patent front grille style and logo placed on top of it that just makes it look elegant as always.

The interior layout is kept simple yet elegance can be observed through the quality of upholstery and other features that are present inside. Also, the cabin space provided is roomy enough to fit adult persons comfortably in the rear seats and also hold ample carry-ons. Though the standard trims comes as a 5-seater, it can be equipped with more seats to accommodate 7 people. If you want to know about other aspects like infotainment, driver assistance, and more, it is better for one to visit San Bernardino Volkswagen dealership and consult with pros over there.

So, all there is left for you to perform is get yourself to the nearest VW dealership and check out the all-new 2021 Tiguan and choose the trim you prefer. The starting price of this vehicle is $26,450 and goes upward. However, if you are buying a Tiguan, it is always better to opt for the high-end trims for the additional features and benefits.