One of the most questions, when people are talking about TV antenna or they, are in the middle of installing a TV antenna or learning how to install a TV antenna is, “HOW HIGH DOES A TV ANTENNA NEEDS TO BE?” and there are different answers people gave on that question, so what is the best answer for that one? Here it is. When you are installing a tv antenna, you thought that if you install antenna very high everything will be ok, the more it is high, the more the signal will be good but sometimes it’s not like that, not just because it is installed high, it means there are no problems you might encounter in your signal that is why you need to be careful, mindful and smart when you are installing. Here are the things you need to consider first for you to know the best feet, long, high the antenna should be:

  1. Make sure you know the distance of your location or the antenna to the broadcast tower because it is one of the bearings for you to know how high it should be or where you will put it, when you are installing, there are things you need to consider first and that is one of the most important things you need to remember and you need to know. “HOW FAR IS THE BROADCAST TOWER TO MY LOCATION?” Why is it important? It will help you to determine the number of the channels that you are going to receive by the antenna and also make sure that you are within 65 miles so that you can ensure the good reliable signal you can have.
  2. One of the things you need to consider is the buildings, trees, valleys in your area because it gives a big impact on your signal. It will affect your ability to receive pristine HDTV television stations with your antenna being man-made and natural barriers. So you need to consider and take note of that because it is very important. If you want to get a very good signal, take into consideration this one. Of course, the antenna’s height might play a significant influence in all of this. In all circumstances, place your antenna where it has the clearest path to the tower or towers, as all of the aforementioned impediments will degrade your signal quality.

Suggested by professionals and those people who are professional when it comes to installing TV antenna and those people who are installing antennas is that you should put the antenna around 30 to 40 feet high if you want to make a stable, strong, and good antenna. That is the common feet high where people set the antenna because it is the best place where you can have a signal. a high-quality antenna is a key factor to maximizing the quality of the signal you’ll be able to pull in. Make sure to find the best antenna first before installing. You can find tips on tv antenna installation in Albury Wodonga.