How many sessions are required for your child to catch up on the necessary concepts in his elementary years? It is one of the main concern for many parents. The number and duration of sessions depend on many factors.

Individual session:

If you are concerned about the length of individual sessions and you want to know how long the session would be, it depends on the following factors:

1-     Age and grade of student:

Elementary school tutoring is must need for students. For studends, a session of an hour is enough. Because the children already spend a day in school, it is hard for them to stay focused for a long period. They feel difficult to concentrate for more than an hour.

2-     Child’s abilities:

If the child demands more time to get things done right, you can increase the session time to 1.5 hours. The goal of tutoring is to improve the student’s grade. If he is taking more time in grasping the concepts than normal, you should guide him through all of the problems he might face, or get some help at FamilyTutor now!

3-     Amount of work:

If there are a lot of tests to prepare, or pending homework to do, you can increase the timing of the session. The purpose of tutoring is to produce good results, and for that, you need to put in as much effort as the child requires.

The number of tutoring sessions:

As we know, these early years of tutoring build a foundation for a child’s upcoming years. Tutoring not just teaches him the academic stuff, it also shapes his personality, and teaches him skills to survive in society. Tutoring gives student individualized attention that they do not get in a classroom of more than 20 students.

Therefore, personalized tutoring helps students in gaining self-confidence and they become able to ask questions without any fear. The number of sessions depends on the child’s progress. If he has learned all the necessary concepts required in the next grade, you can stop the sessions. But if he still feels unsure about certain things, it means he still needs help in the subjects.

If the child is progressing faster than you expected, you should be comfortable in finishing the sessions. However, you can allow the child to move ahead and keep learning new things as these concepts will help him in the next grades. If he learns advanced concepts, he will be able to perform well in his upcoming grades.

Before doing that, discuss it with his tutor and his teachers as well. If they agree on it, then let the child explore new concepts and skills. It is important to involve the teacher in it so he can allow the student to play around with the new concepts. The teacher can also ask that student to help other students in their concepts as well.


In his elementary years, a student learns all the new things he needs in the future. Not just academic things, he also learns social skills and how to communicate with each other. So he needs to attend all the required sessions.