Basketball is one of the most entertaining and dynamic sports that currently exist. Don’t forget that you can also watch basketball match live by visiting the 1xBet online bookmaker. One of the most basic questions about this sport is how many players are in a basketball team. Let’s summarize the most important points about this question.

  • there are five players per team in the field at any given moment;
  • there can be up to seven substitutes available, meaning that any team can have up to twelve player at its disposal in a match;
  • unlimited substitutions can be made.

The last point is really important. Coaches can substitute players at any moment. It is also possible for players who left the field to enter again. When watching live basketball matches on 1xBet can be useful to see great players in action, and also to make great wagers.

Different kinds of players

Of course, not all basketball players are equal. In fact, a lot of strategy is needed in order to win a match. Among the five different kinds of players, the first one that must be mentioned are point guards. Their job is usually to stay in the rear of the team. Normally these players have great vision, meaning that they can quickly organize their teammates to execute both defensive and offensive plays. The also features fantastic wagering opportunities on these talented players.

Another position are the shooting guards. They have two main roles. First, they must be good at long-range shooting, as they will try to score like that when the opportunity arises. Additionally, they should move a lot around the court in order to open spaces for their teammates.

The small forward is another extremely important position in the sport. Normally they are smaller but faster players who can move between the defensive players of the opposing team in order to get chances of scoring points. The 1xBet website also features bets on players like these.

Other offensive players

Among those players that must attack during a basketball match, it is also possible to find the power forward. These players have some similarities to the small forwards. However, they rely more on their physical power rather than on speed. The 1xBet platform is also a horse racing betting site, which can be used to wager on a wide range of events of this kind in addition to basketball matches.

The fifth type of player that can be found in a basketball team are centers. Their main task is to be as close to both baskets as possible. They need to score short-range points, but also need to be able to pick rebounds. 1xBet is a great platform for wagering on basketball but also a nice site to make horse racing betting, and it can be visited at any moment.