If you are enquiring about the dedicated server, one question will definitely pop into your mind. That question is- how many websites can you run on a dedicated server. If you are looking to consider a number to run on a dedicated server, it will be helpful to know that you can accommodate numerous websites at a particular time. Nevertheless, the actual number of websites depends on the hosting requirement of each individual.

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Numerous factors can influence the number of websites for the accommodation of a satisfactory dedicated server. Some of these elements include


A lot of things depend upon the web designing software as well as the platform you are using for designing a website. The website is either a static HTML site or a dynamic site.

Static websites 

A static HTML site contains simple pages but with less amount of information. Such websites are small in size; hence we can consider that their design is simple, and there are only a few vital elements that need to be processed.

  • Dynamic Websites

A Dynamic website has much more complex pages in comparison with a static website. As such a name suggests, the content of these sites keeps on altering. Such websites are generally created with a CMS such as Joomla, Magento, and WordPress, with MySQL databases and WYSIWYG (“What You See is What You Get”). It is an editor for managing a website’s content.

As a user, you must be questioning why is all this essential to run on a dedicated server? If you are searching for hosting a static website, you will need a server that is efficient enough for large hard drives and fast spindle speeds. Therefore on a satisfactory dedicated server, you can effortlessly host up to 500 websites on a particular server.

But if most of your websites are CMS based, you will have to increase the RAM and CPU over a server for rapid processing of MySQL databases. Hence a moderate dedicated server configuration can operate around 150 to 250 sites.


Bandwidth is the data capacity that is being transferred from your site to the Internet through a web server. The utilization of bandwidth depends on the number of visitors visiting your site. It also depends on the kind of content you are searching for hosting on your site. Heavy file formats such as videos, photos, etc., require high bandwidth. If your site receives high traffic, you will have to ensure that there is a relevant volume of disk space allocated. RAM and CPU are other essential resources that are necessary for handling high traffic volumes. Also, it can be helpful for occasional traffic surge on your site.

Email Services

If you are offering email services to your customers, you will need to consider a lot more. Look into the volume of emails exchanging on your sites on the daily basis. Therefore with a basic web hosting plan in place, 500 GB bandwidth transfer is recommended. Consequently, with a managed hosting in place, you can easily host around 250 sites. As mentioned previously, remember that the number of websites that your satisfactory dedicated server will host. It directly depends upon the type of applications that you will be going to run on a dedicated server.

Business Expansion Plans

If you are a fast-growing business enterprise with a growing client base, you will definitely have to upgrade your resources on the server in the future. Any over-burdened server with a few resources for satisfying your user demands will result in slow websites. Even there is a chance that a few of your websites may not even work properly. Therefore, it becomes significant for you to estimate your website’s growing needs and then make amendments accordingly. You will have to make sure that all your hosted sites are running properly. Moreover, you will have to be in touch with a reliable hosting provider to determine their procedures, policies, timelines, and relevant server upgrades before it develops into a problematic issue for you.

Additional Requirements

You can customize your dedicated server with applications and software for sustaining your specific needs. Control panels, server add-ons, or any third-party applications if you are searching for installing will also consume the resources to run on a dedicated server. Hence, you also need to be aware of the number of resources for each application that it will consume from a server resource to function smoothly. If you are hosting more sites on your server, you will need more applications and resources in the long run.


Now, after studying all the above factors that can affect the number of sites hosting on your dedicated server, you can move to the next step. Ask your hosting provider a few questions before you select them. First, your hosting provider will have to be clear about the software and applications you require to run on a dedicated server. Moreover, the design of your websites and the nature of your business are some other most important factors to consider.

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