How Modern Technology Effect World?
How Modern Technology Effect World?

Technology has advanced at an incredible rate in recent decades. Each aspect of our life is changed by smartphones, the Internet, cloud computing and hundreds of other innovations. It has influenced communication, business, administration, travel, Virtual fundraising Events, even agriculture. But how about our brains? What about our brains? Does this whole new technology change us inwardly? Many believe that, including expert psychologists.

There’s little question that all new technology, headed by the Internet and digital technology, shape our thinking clearly and subtly, deliberately, untenably and advantageously.

Although there is yet no scientifically acknowledged findings on studies in this subject, there are numerous areas in which contemporary digital technology undoubtedly affects how we interact with the environment and the development of our children’s brains.


Evidence shows we are shortening our attention by relying on Internet and mobile devices. A recent study revealed that the average attention span of a gold-fish had fallen by 4 seconds from 12 to 8. The huge rise in distraction choices is one probable cause for this decline. Why should we suffer boredom if we all use computers in our smartphones to play games, hear music and communicate with pals anytime we want? The repercussions of this reduced span of attention are likely. How often do we miss crucial conversations or situations because our technological gadgets hypocritical?

Decision Making

You have a new vehicle to buy. What are you doing for the first time? You go online to do research, if you’re like millions of others. Indeed, whether you are trying to detect where supper or the best way to start your new job is, no matter what type of decision you need to make — you may go to the Internet for assistance. This implies we are no longer so much dependent on the gut feeling as a species, but instead can collect facts and information to make educated choices.

Relationship Building

The social media is anticipated to accommodate 2,9 billion users by 2020. ‡ Paired with texts delivered individually using both regular texting and message applications, and the method in which we may develop and sustain connections is altering drastically. But is that anything nice or bad? Are we completely involved in any of these interactions when we dine with friends and at the same time we write to a family member in California and tweet to acquaintances over an event in Japan?

Hen again, can’t maintain relationships alive that could otherwise continue with friends or relatives throughout the world? Almost 70% of Americans believe that the Internet is a good part of our relationships, but it still remains to be seen if children who have grown up using smartphones develop interpersonal and relationship building ability that they need to form profound and meaningful connections or if our species becomes isolated from close personal contact – and uncomfortable with it.


The communication, how we speak and communicate globally, is another manner in which technology has affected society. Many new electronic communication ways were brought about by technology.

Smartwatches like Huawei Watch GT 2 replaced smartphones. E-mails, social networking, you can face a person living on the other side of the globe, and you may hold conferences online here via video conferencing. Finally, the technical advances in the healthcare business contributed to maintaining people well and safe.

There are numerous innovative telephone applications that monitor your weight, calories, heart rate and other health benefits at any time of the day.

The availability of therapy is expanded, healthcare changes are adding benefits for older people, and hospitals use modern technology in their rooms.


Water resistance smartwatches such as Huawei GT2 42mm offer features for athletes and swimmers. There are medical articles and research which conclude that smartwatches and fitness trackers cannot just to help identify things like atrial fibrillation or stroke, but can also enable patients to be rehabilitated, because they can modify their health and lifestyle with these devices.


Technology impacts how individuals connect, learn and think. It promotes society and impacts people’s everyday interactions. Technology plays an important part in today’s environment. It has a positive and a terrible impact on the globe and affects daily lives. We live in an era of common advancements in technology.

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