For the veteran CBD users, the concept of giving CBD products to pets may not be a strange concept. Such users prefer that their pets also enjoy the benefits that they are getting from CBD consumption. One of the questions that usually crosses minds when you want to giving CBD to your cat or dog is the amount that is appropriate for these pets. In this article, we will explore this concept in a deeper sense and give you the useful tips that you should know.

The amount of CBD to give your pet

Over time, users and vendors have reached an amicable conclusion on the rule of thumb as far as the dosing of pets with CBD is concerned. The idea is to give your pets about 1 to 2 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds body weight. It is crucial to know that best CBD oil in pets is based on body weight and cannot be administered arbitrarily without measuring the weight. This rule of thumb is useful for both dogs and cats.

Another thing to consider is the concentration of CBD that you are purchasing. These products often come in different concentrations, especially when you compare products from different companies. Usually, the amount of CBD in the label is the total amount of CBD in the entire bottle and should not be confused as the amount per dose. With this consideration, it will be unlikely to overdose your pet on CBD oil.

Signs that you have overdosed your pet

Although CBD is relatively safe for both pets and humans, there is a risk of toxicity and overdose if you consume more than the recommended amount. For pets, you have to be more cautious to identify the when your pet is presenting with signs and symptoms of overdose. Watch out for extreme lethargy, inability to feed, breathing problems, and extreme salivation. All these could point to toxicity and are the indications you need to consider before taking your pet for checkup at the vet’s office.

Conclusion When you go to buy Pet treats in North Carolina, be sure of the weight of your pet so that you can dose them appropriately. Most pets respond well to broad spectrum CBD oils. Thus, you can buy organic CBD oil broad spectrum and use it as the potential remedy for all the relevant problems affecting your pet.


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