Hosting Cost – If you have decided to start a new site, you will realize that it involves several services and expenses in setting it up. Apart from getting a domain name, you will also have to invest in a web hosting service. Moreover, web hosting companies maintain the servers so that all the components are efficiently stored, and it is easy to deliver them across the web to every visitor. In order to access your visitors, hosting cost is a necessary expense. 

Navicosoft is a competent web hosting services agency. We make sure to provide perfection in every aspect of your business. Moreover, we provide the best features included in the plan, which consists of infinite disk space for storage to keep the website running fast. In addition, we make your websites secure with a free SSL certificate.

To see how much is this hosting cost depends on the affordability of your plan. It can be as cheap as $2 per month or even cost you over $1,000. However, you don’t need to bother since you can get everything in the plan between the $2 to $20 a month range. The upper limit can reach up to $50.

The main thing that determines the cost of a hosting plan is the type of web hosting you choose. There are five prominent levels of web hosting. It all depends on how large your website is, the amount of expected traffic, the hosting provider you are getting from, and the type of website.

The types of web hosting include:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

Other Factors Influencing Web Hosting Cost

While it depends on the type of hosting plan for determining the hosting cost, there are a few other factors as well. They play an evident role in determining what you will spend each month on the hosting. The main factors are:

  • Number of domains: If you are managing multiple domains in one hosting account, it might increase the subscription cost. 
  • E-commerce features: Any website selling online products will require a unique set of features, such as a shopping cart, secure payment processing, and check-out feature. While selecting a web hosting plan, you need to select what is compatible with eCommerce software. Hence it will cost you extra money.  
  • Dedicated IP: A dedicated IP keeps the website unaffected from other websites sharing your IP address. However, it can be valuable to stay away from spam lists and avoid IP blacklisting.  
  •   Storage space: The storage space availability in a hosting plan is a crucial feature concerning price. Therefore as the website grows, you will have to upgrade.
  • Security options: Security options include automated backups, SSL certificates, and security features. They are sometimes included in the hosting package, whereas they come as add-ons for an additional fee in some cases. 
  • Website builders: Building a website does not require learning HTML. Therefore, consider a web hosting plan that provides an intuitive website builder. In some cases, a website builder gives an add-on feature with extra cost, or it might even come as a part of your subscription.
  • Email: A branded email shows professionalism. Hence many web hosting plans come with the facility to create domain email addresses.

These are the factors influencing the hosting cost. Often the value they provide makes the cost worth it. Get your hosting today from Navicosoft. We help you with everything according to your needs. We make sure everything is on your website. Whether you are opting for shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, or VPS hosting, we offer an amazing hosting experience.