How much will screen repair cost

Can you believe that screen repair costs as much as a new phone?  It’s one of those things where everyone experiences it at some point or another. You’re walking along, phone in hand, and all of a sudden you trip over a tree root sticking out from the side walk and your screen shatters.

Phone screen repairs can quickly add up. If you have a screen repair specialist near you, it can be upwards of $100 for screen replacement or screen restoration if your screen is still intact.

How much should I pay for screen repair services?

Cell phone screen repair services are popular throughout the United States now. It has become very cheap to get them fixed, with prices starting as low as $50-$60 depending on what screen your phone has. Most screen repairs are completed in less than 30 minutes, so you don’t have to go without a phone for too long.

With screen repair services starting at $50, it would be cheaper to get them fixed instead of buying a new screen every time yours breaks. Some companies will even come to your workplace or home and fix it for you.

For screen repairs of $60 (and less), the screen itself isn’t replaced; it’s fixed on site with phone screen repair services. For screen replacements of $100-$150, the screen itself is replaced. This is why screen replacement is cheaper, because it’s the screen itself that needs replacing and not restoring.

When you break your screen, consult someone who will be able to tell you whether or not screen repairs are needed before making a final decision on screen replacement services. With screen restoration only costing $50-$70, screen repair may be the cheaper option.

Comparison between Phone Screen Replacement and Phone Screen Repair

Phone screen repair is cheaper than screen replacement, but screen repairs are only recommended when the screen itself doesn’t need replaced. When you break your screen, it can be hard to determine whether screen replacement service or screen restoration service is needed.

Phone screen replacement costs between $100-$150 depending on what kind of phone you have. This includes the screen itself and screen related services to ensure your screen works right after screen replacement. Phone screen repair cost varies, but it usually starts at $50 depending on the amount of damage done to the screen and whether or not screen restoration is needed before using the phone again. 

With screen replacement starting at $100, it’s not worth buying a new screen every time your screen cracks or shatters. Investing in screen repair before buying a new screen is cheaper than screen replacement, and screen repair services are typically completed in less than 30 minutes
Every person has dropped their cell phone at least once in their lifetime, and screen cracks can be very common if you’re using a cell phone for an extended amount of time. If you want to have your cellphone screen repaired in Draper, you should speak to a trained cellphone technician to know what needs to be done to your phone.