Car accidents can be confusing and overwhelming. After a car crash, there are several things you must do. From gathering evidence to seeking medical attention, you will have to do a lot to start building your case. It’s important to act quickly. Inform your insurance company. Call your lawyer. Report the accident to the authorities. Get the chp collision report online. Don’t wait for too long before seeking medical attention. Keep reading to find out why you should report your accident quickly.

When to Report

Contact your attorney as soon as possible. Certain insurers have time limits for reporting car accidents. So, be sure to check your policy. Your state laws might also dictate how swiftly you should report an accident.

When Not to Report

If you get involved in a minor fender bender, you may not necessarily have to notify your insurer. If the at-fault driver accepts liability and provides you with their contact details, as well as, their insurance company’s information, go ahead and file a claim for the damages you suffered. Let their insurer know that your car was damaged during the accident.

If the accident occurred on your property and didn’t involve another driver’s car, then you shouldn’t contact your insurance company. However, it’s imperative to seek clarification from your attorney. With extensive experience in the legal industry, they’ll advise you on the best way forward.

Filing A Claim

It’s important to note that reporting an accident isn’t the same thing as filing a claim. You can report any accident to your insurer. Nonetheless, you can only file a successful claim if you’ve adequate coverage for repairs and medical costs.

Your report should include the following elements:


Document the scene. Take pictures of the cars involved. Note down the exact time when the accident happened. Indicate how the weather was during the incident. Photograph any damages caused to your car. All these details will be needed if you choose to file a claim.

Contact Details

Exchange contact details with the other drivers. Write down their phone numbers, policy numbers, as well as, other insurance-related information. Don’t forget to record the make and model of their cars. If passersby witnessed the accident, be sure to request their statements.

Police Report

If you get involved in a road accident, consider filing a report with the police department. Contact them immediately and wait until they arrive before leaving the scene. The insurance adjuster will request a copy of this report if you choose to file a claim.

Without a police report, you may find it difficult to file a valid claim. And this could deny you the chance of receiving adequate reimbursement for your damages. Thus, be sure to obtain a detailed police report.

The Bottom-Line

After a car accident, you shouldn’t wait for too long before reporting it. Inform the police. Police are tasked with drawing a police report. You should also report the accident to your insurance company. Informing your lawyer is also important. Acting faster will help you preserve crucial evidence.