TikTok has more than two billion downloads and 689 million active users worldwide. Also, the TikTok platform is becoming a popular and accessible social media network among different age groups. Therefore, if you are curious to reach among your TikTok business profile followers, you should proceed with the best TikTok approach. Meanwhile, start to create your TikTok profile and videos, next target on expanding your real audience engagement. For better TikTok engagement, the best idea is to buy tiktok likes where you can get huge followers. Above all, TikTok engagement results help in boosting your profile popularity. 

After building your TikTok followers and their engagement, it is the right time to make your email list on TikTok. Indeed, the TikTok email list serves as the best method to build your relationship with potential customers in the best possible way. Next, do you want to know how to grow your email list using TikTok? If so, don’t skip this article where you can get detailed information about lead generation content on TikTok. 

Fun Fact: Based on the reports, the number of US adults on TikTok increased by 5.5 times, with 14.3 million in March 2019.

This article can uncover everything you should know about grabbing more people into your account. Moreover, the platform’s algorithm drives more traction from your TikTok followers. Below are the best methods to grow your email list using TikTok and make the most of your audience for every purpose. 

Let us start!

1. Set Your TikTok Bio To Explain Your Offer

On TikTok, setting up your bio is the primary factor that every new visitor likes to see on your profile. For this, it is significant to write an engaging TikTok bio that represents who you are, what your TikTok content niche is all about, and it also includes links. Also, start to add emojis on your bio on TikTok, which will make it look more attractive to read and charming for the new visitors. 

Moreover, you need not create the best TikTok bio for your profile. The recommendable strategy would be to add a compelling call-to-action (CTA). Do you plan to attract people to look at your online posts, your websites, blog posts, or videos? If so, then TikTok bio offers the proper chance to reach your target audience. 

Fun Fact: Based on the report, the best method to improve your TikTok bio is to add a winning CTA to turn all your TikTok visitors into your potential audiences. Also, you can make them know what you are offering and what content type you offer on TikTok. 

2. Create Compelling Call-to-Action (CTA)

Apart from adding your TikTok bio, try to include a CTA by the end of your TikTok videos. Using a compelling CTA on your TikTok bio can drive more sales and expand your email list. Indeed, CTA on TikTok lets you get more newsletter subscribers and grow your fan base. Above all, if you are trying to build your fan base, then make your TikTok videos go trending to elevate your profile reach. The pro tip for driving engagement for your TikTok video is to try Trollishly, where you can improve your video visibility. 

Fun Fact: On TikTok, it is practical to request by the video’s end, like asking your viewers to subscribe, click on your link, or offer their email address to grow your list. Indeed, using CTA on your TikTok boosts your online sales and helps beat your competitors. 

Here, we will show you the best example of using CTA on TikTok. For instance, when an organization advertises their Live Chat Software to their followers, using a compelling CTA to invite your viewers to look at their recent software updates brings conversion. Also, make an effective CTA for your audiences with a free trial, make your followers subscribe to your blog, where it helps grow your email list with TikTok. 

3. Offer Digital Giveaways

Digital giveaways are the best options to gain subscribers and make your followers interested in looking at your content. These digital giveaways assist you in growing your email list using TikTok. Next, try to host a giveaway contest on TikTok, which works as a perfect option to grow your email list. Apart from getting more TikTok followers, there are chances of going viral and getting higher engagement while organizing digital giveaways. So, these TikTok digital giveaways drive you to increase sales growth. 

Look at the enormous benefits of making your online giveaways: 

  • Start to interact on your post and learn about your audience better. 
  • Your digital giveaways contest will always offer you tremendous video visibility on the TikTok platform.
  • Higher engagements on your TikTok videos
  • Build your TikTok fan base and followers 

Next, after knowing the TikTok giveaways and their benefits, if you are keen to improve your TikTok profile’s online presence. Now, start to create engaging content and make use of Trollishly, where you can boost your organic growth among your followers. 

Final Thoughts

Now you would know how to expand your email list using TikTok and use TikTok’s in-built features to drive traffic for your profile and elevate your online business presence. Last but not least, try to make sure to write an engaging and optimized TikTok bio with a compelling call-to-action, offer digital giveaways to grab your audience’s attention, and generate new leads. If you are looking to grow your email list using TikTok, then these are the best methods you must consider in 2022 to achieve yourself.