It is one of those jobs that no one wants to do and who could blame them? Drains remove waste (liquids and solids) and your home drainage system is connected to a mains network, which is the responsibility of the local authority. Your drainage system, however, is your responsibility and when a blockage occurs, finding it can be a nightmare, which is where digital tech comes in.

Video surveillance

CCTV is nothing new, it has been around for a few decades, yet there are other uses, which include drain inspection; a rugged go-anywhere buggy has cams attached and it is sent down the drain to explore. Every blocked drain plumber has at least one CCTV buggy, if not more, as this equipment makes their job much easier. The technician sits at his laptop and guides the buggy through the drain network, stopping and zooming in when he sees something; it doesn’t take long to find a blockage and he is able to choose the right equipment to do the job.

Drain inspections

If you buy an old property, you might like to know the condition of the drains before you go ahead with the purchase. You can commission a drain specialist to carry out an inspection and you’ll receive a detailed report in writing, giving you accurate information on the state of the drains. Think about drains that were installed 100 years ago, pipes collapse and inspections are the only way to accurately assess the damage. 

Pipe relining

In some cases, a liner can be inserted and inflated, which means you don’t have to dig up the ground and replace the damaged pipe section and that keeps repair costs down. Imagine having to dig up half of the lawn! Pipe relining is a practical cost-effective way to repair damaged pipes and the technician gets a close-up look at the target area, so he can prepare accordingly.

Main drains

The main drainage system under the roads is prone to blockages, which are caused by storms, water collects obstacles that are carried into the drainage system and it is common for a major blockage to occur. The same tech is used, only the vehicles are bigger and more powerful, allowing technicians to accurately assess the pipes. Click here for tips to keep you safe online.

Power flush

This is when a technician hooks up a high-pressure water connection and sends it through the drainage system, which removes residue on the inner pipe surfaces. This prevents further blockages, as the pipe surface is smooth and debris cannot make an anchor, ensuring a smooth flow.

Today’s drain specialist has a fully equipped mobile workshop that enables him to deal with any drainage issue. Whether commercial or domestic, drains are closely monitored and when a blockage happens, the property owner calls in a drain specialist.

If you are thinking of buying an old property, have the drains inspected by a local drain specialist, then you can make an informed decision.