Some people are born with a round face. No amount of working out or diet can help to get rid of it sometimes. Round cheeks definitely make one look cute. But it can also make some people feel more conscious. Sometimes when the face is rounder, it also makes the person look bigger than they are. There are various exercises you might try, but they aren’t always effective. Buccal Fat removal Toronto is an effective cosmetic surgery that slims down the face. In this surgery, the large pockets of fat that are present in the cheek or buccal area are removed. We are here to tell you about this procedure to help you make an informed decision about the same.

What happens during the surgery?

The patient is put under general anaesthesia for the surgery. Duration varies from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. For removing the buccal fat, a small incision is made inside the cheek. After that, the surgeon applies gentle pressure which allows the buccal fat to become easily visible and protrude out of the opening. Then the desired amount of fat is removed with care and precision. The same procedure is repeated on the other side. Dissolvable sutures are used for closing the sutures.

What happens after the surgery?

Understanding the recovery plays a crucial role in decision-making. After you’ve woken up from the surgery and when you are feeling up to it, you can go back home with a friend or a family member. While leaving you will be provided with detailed care instructions, prescriptions and follow-up dates. As the incisions are inside the mouth, no external bandages are required. For the next week, it is suggested to only consume soft and liquid foods as the inside of the mouth might be sensitive.

An advantage is that the incision is on mucosal skin which heals rapidly. You will have to take a week off from work while you recover. During this period, avoid lifting heavy and intense workouts as it can increase blood pressure. When there is a rise in blood pressure it can lead to discomfort and swelling. Ensure that you follow all instructions to the T for recovery to be a smooth sailing process.

What are the benefits of this surgery?

Buccal fat removal surgery is an excellent option as it is minimally invasive and with no visible scarring. The incisions are placed inside the mouth, which heals quickly. Within a couple of months, the incisions can’t be seen. During the surgery, the fat cells are removed from the cheek. This means that, if you gain weight, the cells will never return. Buccal fat surgery results are permanent and will serve you for the rest of your life. As the incisions heal quickly with minimal discomfort, it reduces the recovery time drastically. It is natural to experience swelling after the surgery. This will settle within a week, and after that, you can return to your routine.