Dracaena plant online India

You may be familiar with Dracaena plants if you have grown up attending to houseplants or house gardening. 

Dracaenas are popular indoor plants because not only they are easy to care for but are also visually appealing.

They are also simple to cultivate. There are just a few issues that afflict the plant, one of which being the onset of brown or yellow patches on their leaves. The causes for this kind of recurrence may vary depending on the situation, weather, or environmental events such as insect problems.

But just in case if you have had any experience with these plants or are just thinking about ordering a Dracaena plant online India, here is a complete discussion of why their leaves develop brown or faded patches of colors and what should be done to prevent it.

The hues of houseplant leaves might vary from time to time. 

A multitude of causes might be to blame for discoloration or fading of Dracaena leaves. These tropical plants thrive in temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 ° F (21-26 ℃), however, colder temps may induce browning or withering of the leaves. Apart from these, there are several other reasons for the discoloration of these leaves. Well, in any case, let us look at the ways of how we can prevent this from happening. Below is an outline of such preventive measures:

1) Try to avoid over-watering your beautiful plant: Hydrate and refresh your Dracaena plant with water once in every two to four weeks; especially during the growing seasons, summer and spring seasons, according to the conditions of the soil moisture. During the drier months, try to water the Dracaena every four weeks. When you’re finished, ensure sure the soil is completely dry. Dracaenas do not need a lot of water to thrive. In fact, watering them too much and too frequently can be harmful. So whenever you water these plants, ensure that it’s adequate enough. Nevertheless, be certain that no excess water remains in the pot. Hence, make sure that your planter has a drainage hole at the bottom.

2) Minimize direct light from the sun: As long as you can keep away from exposing your plant to a lot of direct sunlight in your house, Dracaena plants are perfect for you. 

Because the Dracaena cannot be grown in direct sunlight, choose a place that is shaded but bright enough. 

Yet, during winters, you may place the plant under direct sunlight throughout and it will still not burn or have discolored patches on its leaves. Rotate your plant on a regular basis to ensure that it grows straight.

3) Opt for the top quality soil: Dracaenas are drought-tolerant species. Since they are prone to overwatering, it is essential to select potting soil that drains well. Excessive water in the soil can be harmful to the plant’s health and may even cause their roots to rot. A Dracaena flourishes on a succulent soil mix.

4) High-quality fertilizers to ensure maximum growth of the plant: Just like any other plant, choose the right fertilizer for the Dracaenas too. They need a very little amount of fertilizers, and hence it is best to fertilize them once in every 6-8 weeks. 

5) Repotting should be avoided unless it is extremely necessary or you want or need to change the plant holder. Shift your plant to a larger pot and re-soil it once every two to three years.

6) Lastly, keep the propagation in check and trim the branches and stems as and when required.

Now that you know it all about the caring tips for these aesthetically enhancing indoor plants, buy dracaena plant online from Unlimited Greens right away at the best prices and add more beauty to your house and workplaces.