If you look back at human history, gift-giving has always been a big thing. No matter what culture you look into, there will likely be some element of gift-giving.

Having said that, though, when you look at the world today and compare, it’s safe to say that there has never been a bigger emphasis on giving gifts. With so many holidays and occasions demanding that we give someone a gift and the internet creating a lot of competition as new companies open up all the time, it can be hard to know what to buy someone.

Being a great gift-giver is just a matter of thinking outside the box, as you can truly take someone by surprise with something they wouldn’t expect from you. Here are a few tips for becoming the ultimate gift-giver.

Buy something they need

There is a major cliché about dads getting socks or underwear for Christmas and birthdays. The joke focuses on the fact that these gifts can be seen as boring and just something they need rather than want. 

However, this may be better than buying someone something that they aren’t going to use. It’s not only a waste of money on your part but can also lead to feelings of guilt for them because they aren’t using what you bought them.

Finding out what they need and buying it for them can be the best gift. Their blender that they use all the time just broke? A new jumper or box of chocolates is likely not going to beat that.

Personalize something

The world of personalization is huge, and for good reason. What’s better than buying something that someone will love than making it much more special by personalizing it. 

Whether you put their initials on a new bag or engrave a piece of jewelry, there is so much you can do.

There are countless things that you can personalize; it’s almost unbelievable. Even something as usually plain as a pillbox or scattering urn can be made personal.

When you do this, you are showing that person that you spent the time and energy to take this gift to the next level.

Avoid the clichés

It’s easy, especially if you’ve known someone for a while, to keep buying the same sort of gifts. If your partner likes clothes, a new top is always a safe bet, right?

However, you take your gift skills up a notch when you don’t go for something obvious. Why not try a trip away or something that they would never buy themselves?

It’s often said that giving is better than receiving, and it’s clear why. When someone opens a gift from you that they clearly love, it’s such a nice feeling and makes you feel like you really know them well. After years of buying gifts, though, it’s easy to fall into old habits. 

By taking these tips and upgrading your skills when it comes to buying presents, you can truly become the ultimate gift-giver.