Patio Umbrella

If you plan on revamping your patio, you may have considered investing in a patio umbrella. There are many designs of commercial umbrellas with graphics you could go for, but the transition from indoor to outdoor space should be seamless. Fantastic and a cozy patio with a great outdoor space can give your old beat-up patio a luxurious feel. So, whether you’re updating the whole patio design or just adding an Outdoor Gazebo. This quick guide can be helpful.

Many types of umbrellas are not only excellent because of their look but are also functional. You can opt for Cantilever Umbrellas or even a hammock if you want, but before you decide on the final choice, read on about how to find the perfect fit.

Keep the purpose in mind

The reason why you would be buying an umbrella would be to shade a space. If you plan on covering a dining table, it’s best to opt for traditional umbrellas. These have a pole with them and can be rested on any table you might have. They can cover up to 16 feet of circular space. You can select a cantilever umbrella for an area much more extensive as it will be best for that.

Decide on the shape of the umbrella

The shape of the umbrella may not seem necessary, but the right shaped umbrella can take your patio level from looking like a seven to a solid ten. For example, if you have a circular dining table, it is suggested to have an octagonal-shaped umbrella. Likewise, a rectangular table would look good with a square or rectangular shape.

Always keep the climate in mind

The place you live is undoubtedly essential to keep in mind while purchasing an umbrella. For example, if you live in an area that gets quite windy, you should be aware that lightweight umbrellas are not going to last. You have to invest in solid wind-resistant or easily detachable ones. Similarly, if the climate is humid, look for an umbrella with a pole that would not rust or corrode away. Finally, opt for UV-protected shades if you live somewhere with lots of sun and so on.

How much can you spend on it?

Budget can be something that will decide what sort of umbrella you can buy. Consider investing in an umbrella that isn’t over your budget. Set a budget at the start; how much you can spend on an umbrella, and then go online to check the options available to you.


A patio umbrella can change the whole look of your outdoor space. While buying one, make sure to keep your budget in mind and invest in an umbrella that looks good and fits your space. Good luck!