Cleansing is one of the best ways to change up your routine and improve your skin. But picking a cleanser just like any other skincare product can seem overwhelming or confusing. There are so many products out there with all their promises, but what are they worth? Here are some of the tips on how to choose an effective cleanser.

Know your skin type:

Before you start looking around for your perfect cleanser, identify your skin type – dry, sensitive, combination, or oily. Identify what sort of care is your skin asking for?

What are your needs?

Cleansing does not just mean taking off all the makeup or removing the dirt and grime from the day’s work. A good cleanser can provide a variety of benefits to different areas of skin depending on skin type and skincare needs.

Look at the ingredients:

This may be the most important thing you can do. Ingredients are listed in descending order by weight and any word before the ingredient name denotes its purpose in the skincare formula.


Cleansers are very affordable these days and it costs as low as RM16 or even less depending on where you get them from. If you are new to skincare and don’t want to waste your money on cleansers that won’t work, try cheap cleansers first before investing in more expensive products.

Softness or tightness:

Some cleansers may be very harsh on the skin. Always pick a cleanser with a low pH value or one that moisturizes at the same time.


Having a good cleanser will help you maintain your routines. If you don’t have a cleanser, it may be hard to work on other important steps of your skincare routine.


Some cleansers can be used in conjunction with makeup removers and toners, some are meant for use alone. Choose a cleanser that meets your needs per time of day and how you want to apply it.


Some cleansers may have a high risk of allergies due to their chemical composition. You should always read the ingredients list and peruse reviews on the Internet before trying a new cleanser.

Product packaging:

There are a few things to look out for; such, pump dispensers are better than squeeze-out ones because they dispense less air. Plastic containers tend to be more hygienic and easier to clean than glass ones.


Cleansing is one of the most important parts of your skincare regime, so you must be getting a clean product each time you use it. Some cleansers may be contaminated with bacteria and it can cause breakouts or even infections.


If you’re looking for a quick fix, you should use a cleansing milky lotion or foam. If you want something softer and more calming to the skin, try using a cream-based cleanser.

Trial phase:

Don’t forget to try out your cleanser for a few days or weeks before throwing in the towel and switching to a different formula. Most cleansers that you get may need some time to work, so give it enough time for you to see if it does what it claims it does.


The purpose of cleansing is to help our skin cleanse itself and look its best by removing dirt and impurities that may have accumulated throughout the day. So, it is important to be able to pick the right cleanser that will work for your skin’s needs.