Temporary Graduate Visa 485
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Introduction to Convert Your Student Visa into Graduate Visa 485

Are you on the verge of becoming a graduate in Australia through the Australian student visa? The culture, the friendly people, and the scenic features definitely entice you, right?

Now comes the question is how will you continue your stay in Australia the moment your student visa expires?

Well, it’s that simple! All you must is apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 that’s it. Applying for this is a great way to continue leaving in Australia lawfully even after your student visa expires.

The Graduate Visa 485

The temporary graduate visa was launched by the Australian government in 2008. This visa lets fresh graduates like you continue staying in Australia to work and improve your English language skills.

You must apply for this at least six months before the completion of your studies.

Post-graduates are given more preference in terms of making the best use of this visa. Most of the Australian students find this visa as a gateway to attain a Permanent Residency in Australia.

The two visa streams

Did you know that the Subclass 485 visa has got two individual streams? These include the Graduate Work stream and Post-Study workstream. A brief introduction to each of these visa streams can be considered below.

  • Graduate Work Stream:

    Have you recently graduated with a set of special skills and qualifications? Are those skills and qualifications compatible with some noteworthy Australian occupations? If yes then you are eligible to apply for the Graduate Work stream of the visa 485. With this visa stream, you can stay, study, and work in Australia for 18 months. You can also bring your family members to Australia with this visa stream.
  • Post-Study Work Stream:

    If you have obtained your graduation degree from Australia then this visa stream is for you. With this visa stream, you can stay in Australia for the next 2 to 4 years. You have the right to study, live, and work in Australia during this period. Just like the Graduate Work stream, it lets you bring your family members to Australia as well.

Fundamental Eligibility Requirements

There are some eligibility requirements which you should meet to apply for the graduate visa 485 successfully. These include the following:

  • You should possess a valid qualification approved by the CRICOS.
  • Make sure you are holding a legitimate visa.
  • You must also meet the age criterion effectively. According to this, you should be less than 50 years of age.
  • Make sure that you have met all the relevant study requirements within the last six months.
  • You should be competent in the English language.
  • You should have applied for a valid occupation which is compatible with your current skills

With the Temporary graduate visa 485, you can stay, work, and study in Australia for a certain period of time. The best part is this visa also lets you bring your family members with you to Australia.

Plan beforehand and systematically

If you plan way ahead to apply for your graduate work visa, it will be quite beneficial for you. So, start planning from today onwards to apply for the Graduate Visa 485 successfully. Before that make sure that you have met the following circumstances.

  • You should have got a positive skills assessment in case you have applied for the Graduate Workstream.
  • You must have got your police certificates from Australia or your native country or any other country. Remember, you should have spent at least 12 months over there from the time you had turned 16 years.
  • As an applicant, you should also qualify for the pertinent health exam successfully conducted by an authorized medical officer.
  • You should be handy with all the credentials of your academic program. This will help you to prove that you can adhere to the relevant study requirements effectively.
  • You should be handy with all the credentials of your academic program. This will help you to prove that you can adhere to the relevant study requirements effectively.

Which stream you will apply for will depend on various factors. These include your English language criterion, age, and qualifications.

Crucial factors deciding your eligibility

There are several factors that decide your eligibility for the Temporary Graduate visa subclass 485. A comprehensive 485 Visa Checklist of these factors can be considered below.

  • Whether or not you have received credits for studying offshore i.e. in Australia.
  • The degree of higher studies which you are holding at present. This can be in the form of a bachelor’s, master’s, or diploma degree or Certificate IV.
  • The type of occupation you can choose after completing your pertinent course.
  • The total duration of your course.
  • The application date of your student visa.
  • Whether you are holding your first or second student visa.

When applying for the Temporary Graduate Visa 485 you should be inside Australia. Besides, you must be inside Australia as well while the final decision of your visa 485 comes out.

Processing time of the subclass 485

The 485 Visa Processing Time depends on the visa stream you have chosen. If you choose the GSW stream then 75% and 90% of the applications get processed within four and five months. The processing time of the applications for the PSW stream is the same as the GSW stream.

Convert your student visa to the graduate visa 485 impeccably

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