Unless you have trained as an interior designer, you might lack confidence when changing your furniture, décor, and design accents. 

However, you can learn tried and tested tactics that could transform your home’s style, function, and ambiance.

If you want to fall deeper in love with your property, read the below advice on how to create a luxurious living room. Staircase parts are also one of the best options for your home that make your home more attractive.

Create Balance Using Symmetry

Professional interior designers are big fans of using symmetry, as it creates balance and a sense of calm in a room.

Pick a feature to use as a center point, such as a fireplace, and surround it with two identical chairs, mirrors, lamps, or works of art. 

It will ensure color, texture, and patterns are well-distributed, which will create a more elegant, inviting environment.

Choose the Correct Color Combinations

Combing complementary colors takes much knowledge and skill, which is why you shouldn’t rush into a decision. 

Also, a color scheme that works in a large room might not work in a smaller space and vice versa.

Make the correct choice by picking a foundation living room color inspired by a shade in a work of art or an item of furniture. Next, expand the palette with tonal or complementary shades.

Bear in mind that large living rooms can have looser color schemes compared to smaller spaces. If your living room is small, stick to three colors that work in harmony.

Don’t Sacrifice on Style

Many homeowners believe they need to sacrifice style for function across the home. However, in today’s modern world, this isn’t necessary.

For example, unappealing radiators could detract attention from your designer sofa, wood-burning fire, or beautiful works of art.

Yet, swapping them for contemporary radiators from Warm Rooms will add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home, and you will not need to sacrifice warmth and comfort.

Style Your Shelving

Shelves are more than a place to store books and loose objects. They can help you create a sophisticated living room that will become the envy of your guests. 

When styling shelves, add objects of varying depths and heights to create an aesthetically pleasing space.

Also, add a mix of items onto your shelving units to draw the eye, such as plants, sculptures, or candles, and group them together in odd numbers for visual appeal.

Add a Large Area Rug

An area rug can add softness, warmth, and comfort to a living room while preventing echoes, which is why it is ideal for large and small rooms.

Plus, it is an effective way to draw the eye to an area of your living room and may make it appear more intimate or spacious. 

The bigger the rug, the better, as it can tie furniture together and unite your interior design. 

Also, choose a rug created from natural fibers, as it will be a more affordable option that may feature many details and textures. 

You will be surprised by the big difference it will make to your living room’s interior design.