How to Create the Perfect Shabby Chic Home

The theme of shabby chic is all about incorporating an interior design style that embraces a worn, lived-in appearance, that still has a beautiful curated style and feels comfortable to live in. Sometimes known farmhouse or cottage style, and with very similar décor designs as French country houses, shabby chic interiors embrace imperfect interior design ideas and convert them into a desired living space. Bohemian, fashionable, baroque glamour and full of rustic charm, shabby chic allows you to fill your home with an aesthetic that is versatile, light and refreshing. There are plenty of simple tricks and hacks you can implement to create the perfect shabby chic home, and at We Buy Any House, we have compiled a how to guide to creating the perfect shabby chic home.

Use Comfy Fabrics:

A huge part of creating the perfect shabby chic home is to ensure your home is full of comfy fabrics. Cotton and linen are a popular choice, as they are durable, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Added to these fabrics are usually floral or vintage slip covers, and add beautiful accents to the shabby chic style. Leather lace and chunky rugs are great fabrics to use throughout the house to create a shabby chic finish.

Vintage is Essential:

Including vintage or retro elements into your shabby chic home is vital. Although the overall look of a shabby chic interior is to have a clean design and finish, reclaimed materials and vintage statement pieces should be integrated into the design. Shabby chic focuses on a weathered but clean look, so incorporating vintage pieces is a great idea.

Mix, Don’t Match:

Shabby chic interiors are not supposed to look cohesive, instead, they are supposed to resemble the opposite. This means refraining from buying matching sets of furniture, going for one colour scheme, or matching furniture to various accessories throughout the house. Think eccentrically and eclectically- to ensure your house looks unexpected and interesting.

A Natural Finish:

Stray from using furniture that has an ultra-polished, brand-new finish to it. Instead, incorporate natural materials such as driftwood, whitewashed bricks, rope, rattan and bamboo- anything with a distressed finished is great. By incorporating materials that have a natural finish, your house can have the organic feeling to your home.


Adding a chandelier to the main room of your home, whether that’s kitchen or dining, will help strike a balance between the old and new- therefore creating the perfect shabby chic balance. Having a gorgeous light fixture with a casual interior will remove ultra-glamourous effect and create a shabbier chic look.

Keep it Clean:

Although your interior is supposed to have a rustic and farmhouse feel, ensuring that it has a somewhat polished feel is essential. Ensuring that the vintage and rustic elements have a clean finish is essential, as you don’t want the shabby chic feel to become confused with a neglected and run-down aesthetic.

White Theme:

The use of the colour white is a common theme throughout a shabby chic interior. Whether that’s a pure or slightly off-white shade, a white colour scheme creates the perfect space and palette to highlight all the other interesting vintage and rustic elements throughout the house. Using white for furniture and bed linens, curtains, in addition to walls is a great addition to the décor style.