You’re considering buying a new bedroom. There are so many options, but you don’t know where to start or what to do. It is important to understand your options, what they cost, and how you can afford them. This article, written by an ex-bedroom fitter, will hopefully help you make this decision.

Your budget will determine everything. There are two types of bedroom installations.

fully fitted or freestanding / kit furniture.

The freestanding and kit-form bedroom furniture is usually made of various components that make up a box, with matching doors or accessories. For support, this is often attached to the wall. This type of furniture is very affordable and can be bought from companies like Ikea, MFI, and others. Many companies offer very interesting designs. These purchases can be a cheaper option, but they come with many headaches and higher costs. If the furniture is supplied in kit form, you will need to use a toolkit. This furniture is often made in large quantities and has a low-quality product life.

Hire Architect in Kanpur. Fully fitted bedrooms fall under a completely different category. On the other hand, a fully fitted wardrobe is a product that is designed for your bedroom and is custom-made to fit your ceiling and walls. You will need to either rip out the old one or install new doors and accessories by a bedroom door and kitchen company. This will give your bedroom a new look depending on the products and quantity.

You should be careful when ripping out a bedroom, especially if it is Victorian-style. It can cause a lot of damage and a mess. Trained fitters should only attempt this. If you don’t, your costs will rise faster than you realize. Plasterers and builders are the same as holes in walls. These guys can be expensive and difficult to get on board.

The finish and materials you choose will affect the price.

For most fitted bedroom companies, solid timber is still the most expensive. Vinyl-wrapped doors and melamine-faced chipboard are the norm. French polish and solid timber finishes can increase the cost of your bedroom. Timber products and furniture with a polished finish are more expensive due to the cost of raw timber and the time it takes to make them. It’s almost like comparing a brand new car to a Bentley. The most widely used products in the UK are the melamine-faced chipboard, vinyl-wrapped kitchen and bedroom doors.

Get Interior designer in Kanpur at Tokla App. You now need to choose the right construction for you. The layout of a fitted bedroom will be the same regardless of who you buy it from. It’s usually either a front-frame face fixed system or an open box system / slim-frame system. Unless otherwise specified, a front-frame face fixed system must be fastened from floor to ceiling. A fitter will build a frame that is fastened and scribed for your bumpy ceiling and walls. To support the floor and top shelf, battens are attached to the floor and back wall. The frame is then fitted with fascias and end panels. Fittings such as Blum hinges are used to install doors. You may need to ask for your backs as this method is not always easy. This system has been used in Sharps bedrooms for many years with great success. This is a time-consuming process because a fitter must tailor the wardrobe to your bedroom. They are often highly trained.

A slim frame or box system typically consists of a set of pre-made boxes that are delivered to the site and assembled. These boxes are usually placed on a pre-made plinth by the fitters. The boxes are assembled quickly using scribed infill pieces to fill any gaps. This method is popular because most items were assembled in the workshop. The method of assembly varies from one company to the next. This method is the fastest.

Ask the right questions if you are interested in a home visit by a bedroom company. Ask to see a previous installation to get an idea of the quality. Don’t forget to ask about their workshop. Not all showrooms are created equal. You want someone who specializes in fitted bedrooms. Ask about the system they use, and if it has backs. Be prepared!

These questions are usually answered quickly by reputable companies.

Ask the sales representative how long they will be staying in your home before you schedule an appointment. If they think it will be difficult to sell, they may ask both the husband and wife to attend the event. This should alarm bells, as it shows that they will be trying to sell you on the night. Fitted bedroom companies prefer to sell on the night, but they don’t often use hard tactics. Many will allow you to make your decision. Tradesmen aren’t fond of giving too much information and prefer to do the job.

Ask them if they have sub-contractors for their installations. Be wary if they do. Good companies have their fitters. These fitters are often called subbies. Subbies are often inexperienced and have little training. They can sometimes leave behind terrible problems. It’s usually difficult to get subbies back if you have paid them upfront to fix any problems.

A reputable company will usually ask for a small deposit or settlement upon completion, depending on the satisfaction of your needs.

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