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Sharing HSV status with a partner or family is stressful for many of us. Right? Initially, when a person knows about HSV status in the doctor’s office, it is stressful. But you need to relax and take help from your doctor. It is a common viral infection many people carry and don’t know about. 

HSV is an STD or sexually transmitted disease that spreads through skin-to-skin contact. It has two primary types, including HSV1 or oral herpes and HSV2 genital herpes. 

Both virus types have different signs or symptoms but remember that it is not deadly. However, besides all the facts, it is essential to disclose your HSV status to your beloved one, especially if you want to protect them. 

Here we will share some tips for disclosing your HSV status with anyone. 

So let’s dive into it. 

Tips for disclosing HSV status

Everyone has different situations and lifestyles. So here are the common tips that help you disclose your HSV status without stress. 

  • There is no need to share the HSV status in any family gathering. Ensure to choose a person with which you can trust and share the HSV news. It will also be shocking for the other person, but you must be patient. 
  • Ensure to choose a comfortable place for disclosing HSV status (a positive singles community – MyPositiveSingles). You don’t know about the reaction of other people as there are plenty of misconceptions about HSV in society. If the other person reacts or bashes you,, you have space to calm them. 
  • Gather enough information from different sources to acknowledge the other person about HSV. We already said there are several misconceptions about HSV in society. So the information that you collect will help you to state your facts. 
  • Plan the doctor’s visit with your partner to disclose the HSV status. It will help you to share every detail with your partner professionally. 

It is essential to share the HSV status because it is a sexually transmitted disease that spreads quickly from one person to other. If you keep it secret, keep in mind that you are also risking other people near you. HSV is common in society, as researches show that one in every six persons has HSV. So your partner may understand you and didn’t bash you. It will give you constant support during treatment and help protect the vital others. 

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Don’ts for living with HSV 

Again it is essential to clear that HSV is not deadly. You can live a prolonged life with it and continue your relationships with some protection. 

Here are a few things you need to avoid living with HSV. 

  • Don’t share your personal belongings with your partners, like crockery, towels, or brushes. 
  • Always use the protection when you have cold sores or other symptoms of active HSV in your body. 
  • Protect your partner by using protection when you are in a relationship. 

We hope this guide will help you disclose your HSV status and live with it. You can also check positive singles. At MyPositiveSingles you can find out more information. Click on to visit the positive singles dating site.