Tenda wireless router

Tenda Wireless Routers offer high speed up to 1167Mbps throughout use and consists of the latest features like beamforming+ technology and the Nu-MIMO. It provides a 28nm CPU, independent power amplifiers, and four 5dBi high-gain antennas to eliminate lagging or interruption in streaming videos or playing games. Tenda’s AC1200 router encompasses various features like high speed, Realtek chipset for stable and fast WiFi connection, high powered amplifiers, external antennas for maximum coverage, smart WiFi schedule for minimum power consumption, and more. This wireless router promises a robust connection, which further helps the users utilize the internet service with zero interruption. Some users may have specific problems while setting up the Tenda Ac1200 router. Fortunately, you can find the steps to set up your router successfully in this blog.


Please note that a user can set up the Tenda AC1200 router using multiple methods. A user can choose either one of the methods to set up their router, and it would be best to choose the one the user finds more suitable or convenient. The Tenda Router Setup includes four methods, namely, using a LAN port, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol or DHCP, Static IP Setup, and lastly, the PPPoE Mod. You can find the steps to each method of Tenda 1200m setup in this blog.


The first method requires an Ethernet cable and the LAN port, and the steps are straightforward. Please find the steps for the same below.

  • First and foremost, take out the router from the packaging
  • Connect the router with the power adapter and turn it on
  • If it doesn’t turn on, switch on the router using the button at the back of the router
  • Use the Ethernet Cable to establish a connection between the ISP and device WAN port

The setup connection should complete now.


The second method required the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, also known as the DHCP. This server automatically assigns IP addresses, default gateways, and other network parameters to client devices. Please find the steps for Tenda 1200m setup using the DHCP method below.

  • Navigate to the wireless settings on your computer or laptop
  • Please locate and select the DHCP option from the list
  • Choose the Tenda ac1200 password for future use as you would need it later

You will now have Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol on Tenda. Also, please remember that ISP manages the DHCP. If this method doesn’t work for you, please try the next one.


The following method for setting up the Tenda Ac1200 router requires a static IP setup. Please find the steps below to carry out the process.

  • Open your preferred web browser on your laptop or computer.
  • Enter in the URL and press Enter
  • A new router login page should open on your screen.
  • Please enter the login credentials as required in their respective columns.
  • Please insert the Tenda AC1200 password as ‘admin’ as it is the default password.
  • Next, locate the internet connection setup and choose the type of internet connection, followed by selecting the IP next.
  • Please fill in the details like DNS Server, IP address, default gateway, subnet mask, alternate DNS, and then hit the OK button.

After you follow all steps mentioned here carefully, please check whether or not the connection is set up. You can determine the same by checking the status of your internet connection is connected.


The last method for the Tenda 1200m setup is via PPPoE mode. PPPoE denotes Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet, and it is a network protocol for encapsulating Point-to-point Protocol frames inside the Ethernet frames. Please follow the steps mentioned below to complete the setup.

  • On your computer, please open your preferred web browser.
  • Click on the URL and enter in the URL, and press enter to launch the page.
  • Insert your credentials in the box of the password type-admin
  • Please note that ‘admin’ is the default password for your login.
  • Search for the internet setup screen
  • When you find the internet setup screen, please click on the PPPoE option.
  • Now enter the login details provided by the ISP and enter the security key.
  • Lastly, click on the OK button.

After you make all the necessary changes, please restart your router to enjoy its services. You can now enjoy the internet connection, fast browsing, and uninterrupted streaming using the WiFi router.


Tenda initially provides its users with a default password, but one may wish to change it after accessing their accounts. So, you can find the steps to change your default Tenda AC1200 password in the steps below.

  • Open your web browser on your desktop.
  • Enter in the URL and press Enter
  • Use the default login password and click OK.
  • Please select the Advanced option next.
  • Go to the top of the page and click on the wireless option.
  • Next, choose the basic wireless settings and find the primary SSID option.
  • Please select the SSID name for the router as preferred by you and hit the OK button.
  • Locate the wireless security option from the left side of the current page and then select the option
  • You should now land on a new page; please enter your security key and then save the setting by clicking on the OK button.

Using the steps mentioned in this blog, you can change the Tenda AC1200 password and setup up your router. Set up your router to relish fast internet, disruption-free streaming, and much more. There are four ways to set up your router; please choose any one that seems more convenient for you as they all should successfully establish a connection.