Hair is an important part of your life; it’s a part of your identity and signifies femininity. You use hair to express your beauty, which is why it is extremely important to find a reliable hair vendor online. 

You might think it’s easy to find a reliable seller with many online hair vendors, but it isn’t easy! 

Indian hair is one of the most highly sought-after hair; that’s why today, you will learn about how to find a reliable Indian hair vendor online and what an online vendor should possess!

Characteristics Of A Reliable Online Vendor

A good, reliable, and reputable online hair vendor should have quality products. It is essential. 

Whether you are buying retail or wholesale Indian hair, you want to use the hair for as long as possible. 

You, as a buyer, need to be able to be confident in the vendor and their hair. Customer satisfaction is important. 

A reliable online vendor should also be able to offer a variety of Indian hair- it is especially true for wholesale Indian hair vendors.

Another characteristic of an online vendor that is often overlooked is reachability. You should be able to contact the vendor to answer your queries promptly. 

How To Find A Reliable Indian Hair Vendor Online?

Gorgeous hair from reliable online hair store

If you are fairly new to purchasing Indian clip-in hair extensions, weaves, and wigs online, then you need to do your research. 

You need to check if the online hair store carries hair that’s right for you. You can easily find dozens of online vendors, but not all of them will carry extensions and weaves for natural hair.

Search through the internet, and you need to go through reviews of Indian hair vendors. You must look through both good and bad reviews to know what to expect if you buy from them. 

You can even find reviews on YouTube!

Narrow down your choices; if you come across a few online vendors, bookmark them and contact them to learn more about the selected Indian hair vendors. 

Check the vendor’s Return and Exchange Policy and shipping information on the website. If you can’t find either, it’s better to move to the next vendor on your list.

You don’t want to spend your money before seeing the product. Make sure to ask for samples of your desired Indian virgin hair; you don’t want to be duped!

Which Is The Most Reputable And Reliable Online Vendor?

Which is the best though?

Finding the most reputable and reliable online Indian hair vendors is a lot of work. 

Fortunately, we did the heavy lifting and found out where to get quality virgin hair and raw Indian hair vendors for the purest hair!

And Indique Virgin Hair Extensions is the most reputable brand for Indian virgin weave, wigs, and clip-in hair extensions

Why Indique Virgin Hair?

Indique Virgin Hair Extensions

Indique Virgin Hair Extensions is one of the most reliable online hair vendors, and that’s because they possess all characteristics mentioned earlier, have over 15 years of industry experience, and have stylists with decades of experience with natural hair. 

Not only that, Indique sources its virgin hair ethically from temples in India and is both an on-site and online Indian hair vendor.

Indique is also known for its high-profile clients who have walked the red carpets of Hollywood.

Another reason why Indique is the best hair vendor online is because you can easily take care of their virgin hair. It won’t be much any different from taking care of your natural hair!

The Most Popular Products At Indique Virgin Hair

Now you know Indique Virgin Hair Extensions is the best online Indian hair vendor and why the brand qualifies to be the best, it’s time to look at their products! 

Indique has a huge collection of Indian virgin hair bundles, virgin hair wigs, braiding hair, weaves, and clip-in hair extensions, to name a few! 

Virgin Hair Wigs Of Indique 

Luscious waves!

Indique Virgin Hair Extensions has a luxurious collection of the best Indian hair wigs online. Women love their wigs because they are veratile, durable, and one of the best protective hairpieces for natural hair. 

All of their wigs are made with the best Indian virgin hair.

Indique’s Pure Lace Front Wavy and Curly are a favorite among their star-studded clients and stylists alike because the wigs hold curls extremely well and straighten like a dream!

You can choose from Indique’s SEA Collection for professionally blown-out, healthy curly looks or effortless wavy hairstyles.

Being an Indian hair vendor online, you can browse through the various lengths Indique provides to find the right length for you!

Virgin Braiding Hair Extensions By Indique

Lemonade braids 

Check out Indique’s braiding hair extensions if you want to wear the trendiest protective hairstyles using Indian virgin hair!

You will notice that all their braiding hair extensions are weft-free. That is to make any braided protective style easier to achieve. 

Indique Virgin Hair Extensions offer various braiding hair textures, of which Kinky Curly, French Refined, Water Wave, and Coarse Straight Braiding Hair are the most popular textures. 

You will be able to flaunt box braids, faux locs, passion twists, and more with any of Indique’s braiding hair extensions!

And whether you want 18 inches or long flowy 24 inches protective hairstyle, you will be able to get it from this Indian hair vendor online!

Virgin Weave Hair By Indique 

Long weaves

You can choose from 7 unique and luxurious collections of virgin weave hair, and you will find numerous textures under each collection.

You will find a plethora of beautiful and soft textures under Indique’s Bounce Collection. You can shop from silk-pressed texture to luscious curls and beautiful kinky texture under the Bounce Collection.

If you need to try something fun, check out the Hysteria Collection. Weaves under Hysteria Collection are available in multiple lengths and colors. 

Whether you want to flaunt defined s-shaped virgin Indian hair or a voluminous wavy style, Remix Collection has it all. 

Now, if you are looking for blended volume, length, and color with a soft wavy pattern, Indique’s Keratique Collection is the best choice. You can even shop in various lengths and colors!

Indique really is an Indian hair vendor online with endless virgin hair!

Clip-In Hair Extensions By Indique 

Elevate your curls!

Nobody deals with premium quality clip-in hair extensions quite like Indique Virgin Hair Extensions! It’s even in the name. 

At Indique, you will find luxurious clip-in hair extensions in various lengths!

Whether you want to heighten your natural curls or want to enjoy a headful of healthy hair, Indique’s clip-ins under Studio Collection has it all. 

You can add additional volume and drama to your kinky hair with Organic Curl Clip-Ins or add a hint of glamour with various Wavy Clip In Hair Extensions from Indique!


You can use hair to express your beauty and showcase your femininity, which is why you need to pay extra attention when looking for a reliable and reputable online vendor.

Use the pointer mentioned above raw Indian hair vendors.

Shop retail or wholesale Indian hair from Indique’s online website and get premium Indian virgin hair today!