Purchasing an engagement ring is an inspiring process. With rare carat, you can easily find an engagement ring that comes under your budget, and you can do so within the comfort inside your home or through a mobile device. Here we have explained a few basic guidelines about how you can buy an affordable engagement ring by rare carat:

  • A diamond certificate can’t tell you the overall story:

If your diamond purchasing decision is based only on a laboratory certificate, then there are chances that you would end up paying extra. Though a certificate is quite helpful in validating a diamond & providing a few general specifications of a particular stone, certification alone doesn’t represent the natural beauty & worth of a diamond. Suppose you have selected two similar diamonds for your engagement ring that may come under the same category as having the exact specification on a diamond certificate. In that case, they can still be priced differently, & the certificate will not explain why it is so? You can scrutinize every diamond magnified through diamond display technology at rare carat. This technology exhibits what the natural diamond looks like, depending on all its inclusions & brilliance.

  • The importance of diamond’s cut, size & shape:

A diamond cut represents the diamond’s proportion & facets. Diamond Shape is the geometric formation of the stone (for example, square, round, princess, cushion, oval). A diamond’s cut & shape affect overall appearance and cost as you can grade the cut while the shape cannot. Rare carat experts can guide you in a stone’s cut because it is the most crucial buying criteria, as it determines the diamond’s shine & brilliance. They may also recommend buying the best diamond cut for your engagement ring that can be suitable for you in terms of price. Rare carat’s artificial intelligence of price & quality ratings will guide you about the best deal. And if you find yourself still confused? You can have unbiased conversations with their human expert (GIA Gemologists), who work without commissions.

  • Lab-grown diamond ring:

Whenever you buy a lab-grown diamond ring, you don’t need to decide between HPHT (high-pressure high temperature) & CVD (chemical vapor deposition). Because they both generate unique synthetic stones at the end of the day, it is pretty pointless only to purchase them based on the creation method alone, as the process’s differences don’t change its shape. Though, there is a massive price difference if we compare natural to man-made. You can experience maybe around four times the price! We can utilize the Rare Carat’s search option to give an example of the difference in price for synthetic diamonds vs. identical natural. According to the search results, the cost of a 1carat lab-grown diamond was $1,336; on the other hand natural counterpart was $4,673.

The bottom line:

If you are seeking to buy a diamond ring or diamond, but you don’t know where to start finding them, then Rare Carat is a perfect place to check out. Rare carat will assist you in getting the diamonds & discover according to your preferences and the best deal available according to the pocket.