Bongs… magical products that turn liquid into smoke. Sure, there are much more factors involved in the functioning of this product, but if you ask the average user, he or she will tell you that this is the gist of it. This filtration device is usually used for cannabis, but tobacco and other herbal products have their place here as well.

As an enthusiast who smokes some of those products on a regular basis, you want to make this habit as fun as it can be. Of course, you’re probably having fun already, inhaling the different substances that you’re putting into the bong and getting the desired effect, but a true hobbyist will want to stir things up a bit from time to time. How about you stir things up with the equipment?

Using the same piece of equipment over and over again may be functional, but it is bound to get boring. And, when you put the products you want to smoke into the bong, you certainly wish to have a great, fun experience. Apart from wanting the products to work their magic, of course. The stylishness and the appearance of the product will affect your overall smoking experience.

How weird, isn’t it? It’s unusual to claim that the appearance of a bong can affect smoking experience. It’s just a bong, for God’s sake. There’s not much to it. Every single one needs to be made of the same elements so as to work, and you cannot see how the appearance could influence your smoking experience.

First, here’s why using a bong at all is beneficial:

I get where you’re coming from if you’re confused about the impact of appearance on the smoking experience. Yet, that’s the way it is. Just like cigarette enthusiasts have loved those cigarette holders in the past, and vaping fans like to have modern and stylish devices, bong users haven’t escaped the aesthetics either. That’s just how our minds work. We want something to work for us, but we also want it to be beautiful.

While beautiful might be a bit of a strong word when bongs are in question, or perhaps not a strong one, but simply not a suitable one either, cool is the term that goes perfectly with these products. Admit it, you think bongs are cool. When you ask someone why they are using a bong, they’ll start rationalizing and give you a list of perfectly acceptable and intellectually truthful reasons. The more profound, emotional level of their beings will just scream: It’s because they’re cool”. Not everyone is ready to admit it, but we cannot fight the facts – they are cool!

How To Find A Cool One For You

Bongs are cool in general, but some are cooler than the others. And, as a true enthusiast, you want to buy the coolest one for yourself. Partly because it will enhance your smoking experience, but partly because your friends will go green with envy. Once again, this second reason is not something that people are keen to admit. This is not a matter of being shallow, though, it’s just a matter of loving to get compliments on something that’s important to you.

Whether you want to admit it or not, you want to have a cool-looking bong. You can actually shop cool bongs from stores and even online. If you’re having a hard time looking for places to get one, here are some tips.

  1. The Internet Is There To Help You

Roaming around shops in search for what you want to buy is not a thing of the past. It is, however, not the most common way of shopping today. Thanks to the Internet, we can now avoid getting tired from all the walking around and shop online. Sure, I’m not saying we should ban walks, as those are great for our physical and mental health, but there’s nothing good about our mental health in getting frustrated with not being able to find something you’re looking for after hours of searching for it. So, embrace online shopping, and walk for the sake of walking.

There’s still a cloud of controversy hanging over bongs, which can make a person think that buying these online won’t be that easy. Surprise, surprise, it’s definitely easy. Numerous suppliers have recognized the benefits of selling these online, and they’ve decided to make the products more accessible to their audience. With just a couple of clicks, you can find the coolest bong and have it delivered to your home.

  1. Smoking Experience Matters More Than Appearance

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the importance of appearance when buying bongs, but I don’t want you to assume that there’s nothing else to them. Sure, you’re after a cool one, but functionality is not to be neglected and ignored. This is just like when shopping for bong liquids (more on that here) – you want to find some cool ones, but you also want them to be of amazing quality. Smoking experience matters more than appearance, so remember that.

  1. Check The Shipping Options

What’s the point of searching for these products online? Well, it’s the convenience you’re attracted to, and convenience also involves having your product delivered to your doorstep. Check the shipping options when you find cool bongs and suppliers, so as to determine if they deliver to your area. If they do, proceed with the shopping.

  1. But Don’t Forget The Ratings Either

Appearance matters and functionality matters, right? This further goes to show that you want to know more of the bong quality before buying as well. Luckily, people are no longer shy to talk about these products, meaning you can find their comments and their ratings of certain bongs. Don’t forget to check those ratings, because that’s what will help you find the best product.