Instagram followers lose their identity under competition

Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing application. It debuted in 2010 as a standard freeware application. There were other competing photo applications, but Instagram found its sweet spot and began growing tremendously. Instagram now has over Seven hundred (700) million monthly active users, as of April 2017!

Instagram used to be a straightforward application. You took a photo, added a filter (to enhance your appearance), and then posted it with your little Instagram following.

Maintaining an active Instagram account is an excellent way to grow your following. A live account is more engaging than a dormant one. Additionally, using Instagram to share various types of content with your audience will keep them much more engaged than if you shared only one type.

Let’s look at some ideas for incorporating into your stories to help you grow your audience.

1. Demonstrate a Day in the Life

An intelligent method to utilize Instagram stories is to designate a day and appear at various points throughout the day to offer updates about your audience and brand. For example, if you are a business coach, you may like to discuss how you manage your own business and team with others.

2. Go Live

Take some time each day to go live, even if it’s just to share one exciting piece of news. When you go live at random, your audience will be notified if they have subscribed to receive notifications. They’ll pay more attention to you and may even show regret if they miss it live, but they’ll watch the recording as well if you leave one.

3. Allow for a Sneak Peek

Are you in the process of developing a new product or service? Could you give us a sneak peek at it? Are you evaluating a new piece of software that you’d like to recommend? Create a tale around it. The more reasons for appearing in stories you can identify, the better.

4. Conduct a Poll

You can conduct polls on Instagram, which is an excellent way to ascertain your audience’s sentiments. Maintain brevity in polls to avoid confusion, as they are not highly scientific. Consider limiting your options if you want precise results.

5. For One Day, Swap Instagram Stories

If you work with a colleague who serves a similar or identical audience to yours, you can swap Instagrams for the day. You are the narrator of their story, and they are the narrator of yours. This is an excellent technique to increase cross-promotion and followers.

6. Launch Countdown

If you’re planning a launch or an event, utilize Instagram stories to create a countdown to the event. This is a great method to pique interest in your new offer.

7. Embedding Stickers and Adding Special Effects

Instagram provides numerous opportunities for you to capture your audience’s attention; take advantage of them. Utilize fancy effects, stickers, and catchy hashtags. Identify the appropriate individuals. Make your presence known so that you can attract those who admire you.

Always include a call to action when sharing a story. If you do not instruct your audience, they will not act (or will work infrequently). Each time you develop content, keep in mind the desired consequence once your audience views it.

8. Optimize your profile for engagement

The first step is to establish an Instagram profile that will attract followers.

This is significant. On Instagram, your profile photo, name, profile name, and description serve as your digital billboard. Individuals will examine it, peruse your photographs, and visit your website.

If you’re new to Instagram, the signup process will be short and straightforward.

You can create an Ig account if you already have one. Alter the name and username of your profile.

To begin, tap the profile icon in the lower right corner.

Then, at the top of the page, touch “Edit Profile.”

Now, substitute anything that accurately expresses who you are and the value you bring for each following.

  • Given name. Utilize your real name.
  • A photograph for your profile. Employ an image that is inviting, personable, and trustworthy.
  • Login name. Your username must be one-of-a-kind. If your chosen name is already taken, incorporate some words or phrases that distinguish it.
  • A web address. If you have a website address, include a link to it. This URL is the only one that will be clickable on Instagram.
  • A biography. A brief biographical sketch of yourself. Make your description as inviting and friendly as possible. A couple of emojis will be enough.

9. Use attention-grabbing photographs

Instagram’s lifeblood is stunning pictures.

That is where it all began, and regardless of how the platform changes, it will always remain a critical component.

This phase requires you to compile a list of attention-grabbing postings.

10.  Include lengthy captions for your images in your post.

This is one of the most overused photo-sharing tactics. Your article should have numerous paragraphs of well-written information.

In user feeds, Instagram will display only the first three lines of your image caption. However, this is acceptable. If you can capture the reader’s attention with the first three lines, you’ve succeeded.

Instagram has the unfortunate habit of not allowing line breaks. The easiest  solution to this issue is to compose a post in the Notes app, copy it, and then paste it into Instagram.

11.  Incorporate strategic hashtags

You can spend all day on Instagram, but if you’re not using hashtags, your audience will remain static.

Hashtags give you exposure. Instagram users utilize hashtags in the same way that a bored person would channel surf. They scroll over hashtags, occasionally pausing to check out an exciting person.

However, which hashtags should you utilize?

If you use generic hashtags such as #happy and #selfie. Your post will garner some attention, but it will not be the appropriate type of attention.

Remember that your objective is to acquire targeted followers?

What do you understand by hashtags and how they work – You may be tempted to replicate your Twitter or Facebook hashtag technique.

On Instagram, the situation is different.

Consider hashtags to be a catalog system.

If you post content on social media, you attach a hashtag connected to the subject.

For example, if you are a full-time traveler and publish an Instagram photo of yourself writing on a beach in Thailand while wearing only your sandals, you can include the hashtags #Digitalnomad, #Barefootwriter, #Thailand, and #Beachbum.

By searching for these hashtags, anyone interested in the nomadic lifestyle or visiting Thailand can find your content. They function as navigation and also contribute to the overall user experience on Instagram.

A hashtag can be anything from:

  • Location-specific
  • Particular to a particular lifestyle
  • Exclusive to a specific brand
  • Specific to the product
  • Community-specific
  • Specific to a challenge or contest
  • Campaign-specific
  • Event-specific
  • Subject-specific

You now have a well understanding of how hashtags function.

7: Establish a schedule for posting

If you aren’t posting on Instagram, no one will bother to follow you.

The following items are recommended:

  • Daily, upload 1-2 photos or videos.
  • Daily, add 5-30 Instagram stories.
  • Publish one live video at the same time.
  • Let us dissect this for you.

Daily, upload 1-2 photographs.

The most popular Instagrammers upload a large number of images.

There is a correlation between the frequency with which you publish and the number of followers you have.

Therefore, why do you wish to post daily? Because you’ll gain more followers and visibility (which also gives you more followers).

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