As we explore modernization, silicone sex dolls are becoming well known worldwide and welcomed by more and more people. Still, this doesn’t mean that your partner or all of your family members will accept it.

The best thing to do is to keep the sex doll where it will not be noticed. It has been one of the challenges individuals face on their journey with the sex doll. Keeping the sex doll away from members of the family that won’t accept is crucial to prevent quarrels between you, them and, other family members.

  1. Dismantling your sex doll, realizing this will make concealing your sex doll simpler.

Sex dolls are detachable, so it would be in an individual’s best interest to keep them apart after use if he has family members or a partner that isn’t in support of having a sex doll, it will prevent them from taking notice of it, if an individual keeps his sex doll without detaching it, it would be obvious to locate.

  • Under the bed

The truth is that an individual living together with his family has little or no privacy. His siblings or parents can barge into his room or any part of the home without permission. Now, that’s why the best way to live with a sex doll is alone, but not all individuals can afford to live alone and still want to have a sex doll. Hiding the sex doll under the bed is usually the first resort of most individuals. Placing the sex doll inside a box and covering it with camouflage clothing is advisable to prevent them from locating it effortlessly.remember the doll can be divided into sex doll head ( see more sex doll head and sex doll body,if a place can not contain the whole one,you can hide it separately.

  • In your closet

Mostly, An individual’s closet is the safest place to keep a sex doll. He can always lock it there and keep the keys. He must be the only one with access to the closet to prevent a raid of the closet when he is not around. Also, he must always place the sex doll in the rightful position to prevent it from deforming. He should take time to carefully detach the sex doll before keeping it in the closet. If he is going to resort to this decision, then proper cleaning is advisable. The sex doll must be dry, and the closet must be a cool & dry place to prevent the sex doll from getting damaged.

  • Keep in rooms where your family members don’t usually go into

If your home has rooms that you are not in use, It would be best to keep the sex doll in one of them to prevent your family members from finding it unexpectedly. Isolated rooms are very effective in keeping things like this.

All an individual who has a sex doll in his possession needs to do is keep it in a crate to protect it from dust and make sure he cleans the sex doll regularly even if he doesn’t make use of it in a long time.

  • Lock in a box where no other person can open it

The safekeeping of your sex doll in a box isn’t a bad idea. In any case, it should be a crate that you alone have access to. The safekeeping crate must be out of the reach of your family members because they may want to find out what’s in the safekeeping box out of sheer curiosity. 

Why do you have to tell your girlfriend or future partner?

It is nice you tell your girlfriend about your sex doll even though it may lead to conflict. Trust and understanding are the basics of all long-term relationships. Keeping that kind of secret away from your partner and then her finding out about it could mean the end of the relationship between you and your partner. If you tell your partner about your sex doll, she might realize why you took such actions and probably make adjustments to ensure you are satisfied sexually and non sexually. If you tell your girlfriend about your sex doll, she might come to the understanding of why you bought it. Sitting down together to talk about your sex doll can help a lot. It’d make her trust you more, even if she is angry at that moment.