Youtube is the most popular video site on the planet. There are over 1 billion active users every single month, watching over 6 billion hours of videos per day. This has made it possible to earn a living off of Youtube – something many people know. If you want to do that, too, you’ll need a way to get views on your video to compete with all the other videos vying for attention. One of the best ways is through “high retention youtube views”, which will get more people hooked on your video and keep them glued for longer than an average view. The following are ways How To Increase High Retention YouTube Views:

1. Video Titles matter

Notice that when you look at popular videos on Youtube, they all have a lot of views and likes. This is because their titles are well-thought-out and catch the attention of people. People are drawn to videos with titles that make them want to click on them, so take advantage of this by creating enticing titles that make people want to click. Many people have created successful youtube channels using this method alone.

2. Use an eye-catching thumbnail

A video’s title is one of many things that can draw in viewers. It also has a thumbnail image or video preview, which you see as soon as you click on a specific video. This is also a significant factor in getting Youtube views. You need to create an eye-catching thumbnail that will get people to click on it and watch your video, even if the title could be better. The thumbnail is like the virtual representation of the title, and it is just as crucial in getting Youtube views. The best way to get high-retention Youtube views is with an eye-catching thumbnail that makes people want to click.

3. The better the content, the more YouTube views

When it comes to getting more views on Youtube, the quality of your video content is just as important. Of course, all these things will help you get more viewers, but if you have dull or bad content, you’re never going to get a lot of views, no matter what you do. One of the ways to get more YouTube views is to have better videos. Instead of just ranting or sharing a photo, share a relevant and exciting video. This way, you will be able to catch more people’s attention, which in turn gives you more Youtube views.

4. Saturation gets people hooked on your video

One of the best ways to get more YouTube views is to saturate the pages of Youtube. This is because it will get many people interested in seeing your video, and you will be able to take advantage by attracting more attention. Saturation means so many videos are in front of you that they are competing for attention and being seen. The more videos you put out, the better. Saturation can be done by uploading more videos or posting in the right places. It all depends on where you are getting your views, but one of the best ways is by using saturation methods that get people interested in what your video offers.

5. Embedding in other sites

Another way to get more Youtube views is to embed your channel’s videos on other popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This will make it easier for people to find your video, and you will get more views from it. Embedding a video on these sites is easy, and you have to copy the embed code Youtube gives you and paste it where you want it. This process can be done quickly, efficiently and with little effort, so all you have to do is decide which site would be best for this and then start embedding. The more places your videos are embedded, the more views you will get.

6. Buy YouTube views 

When it comes to getting more YouTube views, one of the best ways is to buy them. Buying views on Youtube is not only easy, but it’s also cheap enough for practically anyone to do. The prices vary depending on how many views you want or how often you want them so that you can choose from a wide range of packages. The views you’re getting will also be from real people, so you won’t have to worry about your videos being flagged for getting fake views. Buying YouTube views is not only an easy but a great way to get more high-retention Youtube views.

7. Complementary buying

Another way to get more Youtube views is by complementing them with something else. If you want to increase your video’s retention, then make sure you have something in place to keep the viewers interested. For example, if you have a funny video, then make sure you have a comment section where people can see what others think of your videos. This way, the viewers can complement their viewing experience with other people’s input and stay hooked for longer. This way, you’ll get more views and more retention.

8. Make it easier for people to share

A link is the easiest way to get more YouTube views. This is why you should ensure that you have many ways for people to share your content. This can be done by adding social media buttons in the description box and posting the link to your channel everywhere you can. When people can access all of your content from anywhere, then you will be able to catch more people’s attention and have them stick around for longer.


High retention YouTube views are critical in getting more exposure and getting more people to your channel. These are the best ways to increase the high retention of YouTube views. Make sure you use these tips when creating your videos or posting them to get more retention and views. The better your content is, the more Youtube views you will get. These are surefire ways to get more high-retention YouTube views, so use at least one of them.