Are you fed up with shady websites and dealers? Nowadays, it is much easier to have marijuana legally delivered to your door with no worries. Many patients are unable to visit their health centers in order to obtain Marijuana for medical purposes. But even so, it is now possible to place an order and comfortably await delivery. Furthermore, recreational users need weed delivered safely and conveniently now more than ever. However, some people have experienced delays, particularly those who do not have access to postal services. As a result, the question has been raised: what is the quickest and safest way to deliver your weed on time? California legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes in 1996, but recreational use was approved in 2016 for people over the age of 21 and can be delivered within the state. Here is a buyers guide to marijuana delivery in San jose.

Undertake Extensive Research 

 There is a relatively high number of fraudsters and scammers. It is recommended that you conduct research on multiple companies before placing an order. To avoid falling prey to scammers, confirm whether the seller is transparent and openly willing to share the ingredients of their product. You should also check customer reviews of the company’s products and any available reviews online. Most scammers offer outrageous discounts and are, in most cases, meant to entice unknowing buyers. You should also check their social media pages, as most customers share their experiences on social media. If you spot any red flags, ditch the seller and find a reputable one. Most buyers who have been victims of fake weed scammers have had horror stories to tell. It is therefore advisable that you undertake extensive research before placing an order. Know where to buy edibles.

Ascertain the Weed Quality 

Product quality is important if you are taking weed for medicinal reasons. Research has shown that you can use weed to treat chronic pain, cancerous growth and even PTSD. The best way to ascertain the quality is by checking what other customers have to say online. Alternatively, seek recommendations from your dispensary on where to find the best quality weed. Most reputable suppliers are usually willing to undertake a lab test to ascertain quality on request. You can also self-assess by taking a whiff. The more concentrated the scent is, the higher the quality. Lastly, ensure the weed is fresh and not stale.

Payment Methods 

Paying for your weed order online can be a challenge as there are federal and government laws regulating the use of weed; financial institutions might therefore fail to process your purchase. The alternative route is to pay after delivery or order via a dispensary. As well, there are rules and regulations governing the distribution of weed, which include; 

What are the State Rules and Regulations Governing the Distribution of Marijuana? 

Although the distribution of medical and non-medical marijuana is legal in San Jose, there are ordinances and set rules governing the operation of marijuana. To begin, whether medical or non-medical, weed collections should not be within 1000 feet of a public or private school, that is, a pre-school, elementary, or secondary school. Second, it should never be close to a daycare center, recreational center, library, or park. As a result, you must exercise caution when placing an order because you may be associated with a dispensary that has violated the regulations. 

The San Jose municipality has also established laws and rules governing operational requirements in Chapter Six of the San Jose Municipal Code. To begin, anyone seeking to acquire and use cannabis must be 21 years old or older and must not be present at the location under any circumstances. As a result, each cannabis establishment must verify each individual’s age on their premises. You must become acquainted with such regulations to ensure that you are in good hands. Second, once you have purchased cannabis on the collection premises, you are strictly prohibited by state law from smoking, ingesting, eating, or otherwise using it there. As a result, you must follow the rules whenever they are required.

The state law also explains that the use of weed must not result in public nuisance or disturbance in dispensaries or within 300 feet of the collection points. Under this, it also covers situations such as illegal drug activity and drunkenness in public. You are also not engaged in some activities, including prostitution, gambling, and the sale of stolen goods. You must also ensure that when receiving the packages from a dealer, the substance must be packed in a child-resistant container.