You’ve got a huge holiday party coming up and you need to prepare a complicated dish that involves a lot of preparation. While this may seem like an incredibly daunting task, you can make things easier for yourself if you break everything down. If you don’t know where to start, let’s take a look at some tips that could help.

1.  Figure out What You Can and Can’t Do

Figure out what others are making for the party and then figure out what you should make. Then, ask yourself the following questions:

Will it cause you a lot of stress?

Are you sure you’ll have time to do it?

Will it interfere with your other responsibilities for the party?

If the meal was assigned to you, then be realistic about your ability to make it. If you determine that it’s too complicated, ask if you can switch your assigned meal to a simpler dish.

2.     Find a Good Recipe

Once you’re sure that you can prepare the dish, find a good recipe. A good recipe should sound enticing and motivate you to cook. Be realistic about the time you have to make everything and pick a simpler recipe if you must.

If the recipe is very complicated, follow a video instead of a written recipe. Videos often offer visual guides, so they may be less confusing. The comment section of a video may also give you some useful tips.

3.     Make a List

Make a shopping list of everything you’ll need. If you aren’t sure how much of something you’ll need, it’s better to buy more than what’s needed. Having leftovers or an unused ingredient is better than having to run to the store last minute.

4.     Do a Trial Run

If you have the time, do a trial run of some of the more complex parts of the dish. This will help you perfect things until you have no doubt that the meal tastes delicious.

Get an opinion from some of your friends or family members. Tweak the recipe based on their feedback to make sure you can please as many as possible at the actual party.

5.     Order the Food with Grubhub

Holiday parties are stressful enough as it is. Instead of going out and ordering everything yourself, you can always order food and ingredients and have them delivered to your door.

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