Study for five minutes. Check Facebook. Study for five minutes. Scroll instagram. Study for five minutes. Browse netflix. Does it sound exactly like your study session? If so, then for sure you are not alone. You just need some help to kick your motivation into higher gear. Remember, that procrastination and distractions are two noxious things that can take you miles away from your success. Do you want to drift away from your goal? Certainly not! If you are a candidate who wants to study hard for upcoming competitive exams, then you may need motivation to prepare effectively for the exam. Well, keep your worries at bay. In this article, we have highlighted some excellent ways to find motivation to study for competitive exams. Read this article carefully if you want to secure high marks in the competitive exam.

Generally, graduates of India appear for banking and SSC exams. Have you started preparing for the bank exam? If yes, then join a leading institute that can provide you bank coaching in Laxmi Nagar. We understand that completing exam syllabus on time may demand a lot of effort from your side. Little motivation can help you to prepare perfectly for the competitive exams. We have written this article especially for those candidates who lose concentration while studying for the exam and want to feel motivated while preparing for the exam.

Here are some true and tried tips you can use to motivate yourself to study for competitive exams:

Go through the ideas shared below to boost motivation while preparing for competitive exams. Try some of these ideas. We hope it can work magically for candidates preparing for competitive exams.

Website and app blocker

Distractions can easily wash away the motivation to study for the exams. So, install a website and app blocker on your smartphone. It is a classic app that can keep you away from websites and apps that can falter your focus. This app can save you from getting distracted during study hours. For sure, you’ll be able to focus properly during study hours when your phone will not ping with a notification after every second. Always remember that social media apps can fritter a lot of your time. So, do install this app on your smartphone if you want to focus properly while preparing for the competitive exams.

Try pomodoro technique

The pomodoro technique is an effective technique that can help you focus properly while preparing for the Principles of Supervision DSST competitive exam.

  • Study continuously for 25 minutes.
  • Take a short break for 5 minutes.
  • Repeat this cycle four times.
  • Take a long break.

To keep track of time, make sure you are not checking the clock continuously. Set a timer on your phone during the study session. You can use your break to do some physical exercise that can get your blood pumping in the whole body. If you will engage yourself in watching a TV show, then there are high chances you’ll waste time. This way you won’t be able to complete your daily tasks.

Schedule your day

You need to plan your each and every day while preparing for competitive exams. Consider the activities of daily chores while making a suitable study schedule for yourself. Also, set time for every activity of the day. This way you’ll get to know what to do and when to do. However, making a schedule is not enough. You need to follow it rigidly as well. This way you can easily complete your exam syllabus on time. Also, you’ll get adequate time at the end to revise the exam syllabus.

Create a unique reward system

Plump for something you really want: watch a movie, box of chocolates etc. Whatever it may be, you can use it as a reward after a study session. For example: You can study continuously for a week, then go for a movie. This way you will get motivation to study effectively every time. Also, you can keep a pack of candies with yourself and each time you answer a question correctly, treat yourself with a candy.

Choose a perfect study spot

You need to choose a study spot where you can sit and study peacefully. So, select a calm place in your home to study for the exams. Make sure that place is properly ventilated. If you are easily distracted at home, then you can choose to study in a library. At the library, you will see everyone around you reading books. It can give you a push to study effectively for the competitive exam. You’ll be motivated to study at a place where you can focus easily.

Post some inspirational quotes

For sure, there’ll be a wall in front of you during study hours. So, cover that wall with some inspirational quotes. Whenever you’ll sit to study for the exam, those quotes will keep on motivating you to prepare for the exams. Inspirational quotes can continuously remind you of your goals. You’ll be charged up with energy to study for the exam. Also, you will feel least bored while studying for the exam. It is advisable to choose some motivational quotes that can amp up your energy to prepare for the competitive exams.

Keep your study space clean

It is really hard to focus in a place that is extremely messy. This is a scientific fact that you can think more clearly after decluttering your study space. You need not to spare special time for clearing your study space. Use your short break or free time to clean your study area. It is advisable to keep your books and notes in an organized manner. When your space is cluttered, you can’t think properly. Also, you will continuously feel lazy during study hours. So, make sure your study table is neat and clean.

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With so many strategies, there’ll be at least one strategy that can work perfectly for you. No doubt, studying is extremely hard. But, you can make your study sessions enjoyable by using some motivational techniques. We hope that the aforementioned tips can help you to motivate yourself to study for competitive exams.