PCB assembly service enables the users to connect their electrical devices with the PCB or printed circuit boards through the soldering procedure. Several companies provide and guarantee qualitative assembly services to their users. This article highlights the general method of ordering the PCB assembly and the major tips to ensure while placing an order for the PCB assembly.

Methods to Place PCB assembly order: 

The users can place the order for PCB Assembly in different ways. Following are the three main ways to order PCB assembly: 

Placement through PCB instant quote 

The first method of ordering the PCB assembly is by picking PCB on the PCB instant quote. It enables the users to order it alongside with PCB order. You can activate it by selecting this quote from the navigation bar on your desktop. Place your orders for PCB and fill in the parameters you require for PCB assembly. 

For instance, after selecting the PCB features, tick on the assembly service below to inform the system that the above PCB order requires assembling. You will have three options to choose from like you select EASHUB PCB turnkey service.

You can also select the side of the PCB assembly and board type while ordering one. Then, you can calculate the prices for each to know the total bill. Attach the required files, and you are ready to add your product to the cart. 

Placement of Assembly orders directly 

If you don’t want to place the PCB assembly orders with PCB orders, you can order them directly by clicking on the assembly feature on the instant quote bar. Repeat the same process of filling the assembly service section in the above method. 

However, you have to mark no on the select PCBWay’s order to avoid ordering PCB. You should also click yes on the stencil for efficient PCB assembly. You can also add further requirements in a separate section according to your needs. 

Then, the system will ask you to calculate the rates and place the order. Moreover, attach your PCB file to the system to construct accurate assembly service quotations. 

Order PCB assembly through its parameters 

Another method of ordering PCB assembly is filling the quotations of assembly service and ordering the PCB accordingly. This method enables the users to select the parameters for PCB assembling from the given options. 

Then, click yes on the select PCBWay’s PCB order number to place a PCB order according to your requirements. Click on submit, choose other specifications for your PCB order, and calculate the final amount. You are ready to place your order for PCB assembly and PCB. 

Tips to consider when ordering PCB assembly: 

  1. Fill in the specifications carefully. 
  2. PCB assembling requires a thorough consideration because it is an intricately interconnected process. Like, you have to carefully think of whether the system requires baking before you should mount it and the monitoring temperatures, etc. 
  3. The users should ensure that they have carefully selected the manufacturing and shipping time after filling the characteristics. 
  4. Ensure that you have already logged in to the PCBWay system before filling the specifications to avoid inconvenience after adding your order to the cart. 
  5.  It is better to attach the PCB file or Gerber files to ease the calculating process. 


In short, the users can employ several methods to place an order for the PCB assembly according to their choice. They can order it with their PCB order or place an order for assembly service first and then order PCB for it. The users can also order PCB assembly directly by sharing their PCB order number and files to instantly calculate the required specifications and pricing for the PCB assembly. However, this process requires thorough consideration and attention to each detail to ensure optimum services.