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A person arrested due to Driving Under the Influence (DUI) needs to contact a DUI attorney with the proper training and experience on how the legal system works. Once hired, the attorney will gather the evidence required in the case, represent you in court, and ensure your rights are fully safeguarded. Evidence gathering begins before the trial commences and may involve hiring private investigators to obtain witness statements and video surveillance footage. In some cases, DNA testing may be requested to assess alcohol levels where the results can be used to challenge the legality of the previous testing.

Remember, a DUI case can be summarily dismissed if the police acting on a case are found to have contravened the laid down arrest procedure. When representing the client in court, the DUI lawyer will work with you to determine the best course to follow. At they handle DUI cases, DWI Guys use a client-focused approach where attorneys representing clients are experienced and highly engaging. When representing the client in court, the DUI lawyer works with you to determine the best course to obtain the best possible outcome. For instance, a qualified DUI attorney will let the client know if they are eligible for a DUI diversion program or other forms of intervention approved by the justice system. Below are core guidelines to help you choose the best DUI lawyer:

Ask around

The quickest way to find a good DUI lawyer is by asking friends, family, co-workers, and a lawyer friend to provide more valuable leads. You can also ask anyone else in your social circle who has recently dealt with a DUI case. When performing interrogation, focus on each lawyer’s codes of ethics, practice habits, demeanor, communication skills, courtroom reputation, and competence level.

Analyze the aspect of the experience

When picking a lawyer, try to settle on one focused on DUI cases, not a general practice lawyer. A lawyer focused on DUI has the necessary hands-on experience and skills to offer the representation you need. Inquire from the list of attorneys you have about the number of DUI cases they have handled recently and if they have handled similar ones. Remember, a lawyer with impeccable experience is also well updated with changes in the law and courtroom procedures.

Analyze the attorney’s track record

Drunk driving is a severe cause of concern across the US since it is often cited as a primary reason for injuries and fatalities happening on our roads each year. If convicted with DUI, you can have your driver’s license revoked, experience difficulties maintaining the current job, and get an increase in the auto insurance rate. Other consequences include community service and jail time. Get an excellent lawyer to represent you in court to avoid some of these consequences. 

You can kickstart the process by comparing attorneys based on their records. The lawyer’s goal should aptly align with your aspirations to achieve the desired results.

Check unbiased lawyer reviews.

To hire a good lawyer, check out peer reviews and what past clients say about them. One of the best sources for online reviews is the Better Business Bureau. If online reviews are not available, find two or three references you can engage. During your discussion, ask the client about their previous experience working with the lawyer, and if there are any complaints, you need to take them into stride. A friend or attorney who has worked with the target law firm can also be a good source of first-hand information.

Consider the size of the firm.

While analyzing the various DUI law firms, take time to check the firm’s size to ensure you are getting the representation or support you need. Most large law firms have many lawyers, time, and resources to provide comprehensive legal services to help you overcome your DUI case. A firm with a good working rapport with law enforcement and prosecution offers an even more significant advantage since it will help you avoid common pitfalls like legal prejudice and lack of professionalism.