These days, the restrictions for travelling on an airplane in terms of what you can and cannot pack and carry in both your hand luggage and inside the bags you store in the hold have substantially tightened, and it is for this reason that queues through customs seem longer and slower than ever before.

So, to avoid causing a queue yourself and to get you through to duty-free significantly quicker, continue reading for a guide on how to pack your hand luggage for long–haul airport travel. 


Depending on the destination of your vacation or business trip, especially if you are flying to another country, it is possible that you simply are not allowed any electronic cigarettes or vaping devices on board, either in your hand or hold luggage.

It is far more sensible to order, for next-day delivery if you wish, quality vape juice and a fresh vape from a reputable and renowned supplier such as who are more than happy to ship overseas. If you are intending to take your existing vaping device with you, make sure you disconnect it fully and place it in the tray out of the bag when you go through customs.


Remember that, when it is your turn to walk through customs, any liquids you have in your carry-on luggage are under fifty milliliters and each one is in a clear, plastic bag which can be seen by the airport security staff.

Additionally, to prevent liquids from seeping out and leaking in your bag and even worse, damaging your electronic devices and smartphone, you should either buy new and sealed small liquids or else ensure each lid is on extra tight.

Important Documents

Your important documents such as your flight pass, passenger locator form, and passport should be in an accessible place as you will need to sporadically have each item checked at different points during the check-in and boarding process.

However, to ensure such documents are safe and secure in your hand luggage, you should keep them in an internal, zipped pocket which can both be easily reached by you but is also safe enough that a passing pick-pocketer does not seize their opportunity.

In addition, you should also ensure that your money and credit and debit cards are again accessible for you, but not on show for thieves in the airport to steal when you are distracted whilst shopping. 

Swap to Digital

A great way to have much more space in your hand luggage, aside from packing as lightly as possible, is to keep your boarding passes, books, movies and other in-flight entertainment you have brought along with you in digital form, rather than on paper.

The only thing you need to remember when swapping paper documents for their digital and more convenient counterparts is that you must ensure your smartphone has enough charge for the duration of the journey and to make it through the other side of the destination airport.