CCNA exam

The objective of taking the exam is to examine the knowledge and the skills of the candidates regarding troubleshooting, operating and installing the small to medium enterprise branch network. The candidate has to be perfect in all the topics that come under the Exams of ICND1 and ICND2. Containing the 50 to 60 questions it consists of 90 minutes duration. The candidate can appear in two languages either Japanese or English. Associating with the CCNA Routing and Switching Certification it is a composite paper that allows the candidate to prepare the paper by interconnecting Cisco Networking. Learn more about CCNA exam 2022 on SPOTO. 

Exam Topics 

  1. WAN Technologies                                        10%
  2. Troubleshooting                                             20%
  3. Network Device Security                               10%
  4. IP Services                                                         10%
  5. IP Routing Technologies                                 20%
  6. IP Addressing (IPv4/IPv6)                               5%
  7. LAN Switching Technologies                          20%
  8. Operation of IP Data Networks                     5%

This CCNA Cisco exam is associated certifications with CCNA Routing and Switching. The duration of the exam is 90 minutes that contain 45 to 55 questions. It is held in different languages, Portuguees, French, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and English. For judging the skills of the candidates in troubleshooting, operating and installing to a small to medium size enterprise branch network. Candidates have to cover the topics of establishing Frame Relay connections, establishing point-to-point connections, managing IP traffic with access lists, determining IP routes, extending switched networks with VLANs, operating and configuring IOS devices, WAN technologies, IP addressing, OSI models, switching fundamentals, network media, network types, implementing network security and connecting to a WAN. 

Exam topics

  1. Implement and Verify WAN Links                                                               6%
  2. Implement, Verify, and Troubleshoot NAT and ACL,s in Medium-size Enterprise Branch Office Network                                                                                 9%
  3. Identify Security Threats to a Network and Describe General Methods to Mitigate those Threat                                6%
  4. Explain the select the Appropriate Administrative Tasks Required for a WLAN                              2%
  5. Implement a small Routed Network                                                                  25%
  6. Configure and Troubleshoot Basic Operation and Routing on Cisco Devices                                     30%
  7. Implment an IP Addressing Scheme and IP Services to Meet Network Requirements for a small Branch                                                                                3.0
  8. Implement a small Switched Network                                  26%
  9. Describe the Operation of Data Networks                              15%

How to prepare the exam?

  1. Try to learn the language of technical issues. Try to improve your modeling skill, it is very much helpful.
  2. Always get ready to understand the mystery of reactions do all of the problems in your textbooks.
  3. Practice the formation of questions and the answer and try to memorize the components of it.

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