Financing an unplanned kitchen repair can be daunting sometimes. No matter how financially prudent you are, it’s often not easy to plan for everything. Besides, you can barely ignore your kitchen repairs because it could cause danger if they remain unattended.

Some common kitchen repairs include leaking pipes, broken appliances, etc. Furthermore, there are several ways to get money to pay for your unplanned kitchen bills. To learn more about paying for unexpected kitchen bills, read this article.

Personal loans

Applying for a personal loan is a good way to fund unplanned kitchen repairs. If you apply for instant approval loans in Canada, you can receive up to $3000 in less than 24 hours, and without having to provide a credit check. This type of loan is really interesting, especially if you need to make some urgent repairs.

Sell something

Why do you have to borrow when you have something you can sell to offset your kitchen repair bills? Selling unused items is a good way to raise cash quickly for unplanned kitchen repairs. Carefully look around; you will find something you are not using that is worth money. For instance, you can sell old appliances or jewelry to pay for unexpected kitchen repairs.

Credit card

One of the fastest ways to resolve unplanned kitchen repairs is to use your credit card. Using a credit card should be your last resort because building up debt could hurt your credit score. Remember that none or late payment of your loans from a credit card could affect you from accessing other mortgage facilities. Therefore, opt for a credit card facility if you can offset the debt in time.


The best way to pay for your unplanned kitchen repairs is to use your savings. Let’s assume the kitchen repairs are not urgent; you can save towards fixing the damages. Using your savings is better because you don’t have to worry about paying debts. However if you don’t have enough savings, you can ask for help from your friends or family. They will probably accept to help you if you repay your due when your situation improves.

Home equity loans

Going for a home equity loan is your best bet if you want a long term repayment plan. Usually, equity loans repayment plans are long term. Also, you will be required to pay a fixed monthly amount. In addition, home equity loans offer a better borrowing limit than other mortgage forms.

Government loansMost government loans don’t have high interest rates. However, depending on the kind of government loan you are applying for, it may take longer. Meanwhile, a kitchen repair may not qualify as a requirement to get a government loan. Not to mention, you can do research to find out more about government loans.

Unplanned repairs or financial needs could cause a lot of discomforts. However, using some of the financial solutions outlined here can help you cover your kitchen repair bills easier. Take a look at the best option according to your situation and enjoy your newly repaired kitchen that will be safer for you and your family.