There are a variety of free zones to choose from and you should learn about each one before actually beginning a business in the UAE. Although each free zone has some common benefits, a few UAE free zones offer their distinct advantage for entrepreneurs. In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of establishing a business in the Ajman Free Zone.

The Ajman Free Zone was successfully launched in the year  1988 and helped in growing the business industry in the UAE by hiring a large number of companies. Any business in the free zone of Ajman had a significant return on investment. It has a prominent location, allowing it to help investors from all across the UAE. The Ajman free zone council is in charge of overseeing all laws and ordinances in the free zone. Ajman also has a separate free zone called the Ajman Media City Free Zone (AMCFZ). This new free trade zone has an impact on a variety of new investor licences. It is regarded as one of the greatest areas to start a business in the UAE due to its variety of options for entrepreneurs.

Types of Ajman Free Zone licenses for business

It is important for a person who wants to become a business owner in Ajman free zone to know about the four types of Ajman Freezone license available. So let us briefly look upon them before actually getting into the set-up process.

1. Trading License

If you want to engage in trading activities in the free zone area then you ought to have a trading license. Also, note that as a company owner you can have about three activities in a single license which is issued by the Ajman Free Zone Authority.

  1. E-Commerce License

Do you want to enter the e-commerce market? Then as a company owner, you ought to have an e-commerce license which in fact will help you with marketing and technical issues.

3. Professional License

IT, management and marketing consist of services that all come under the category of PRO services. If you are interested in beginning with such PRO services then you ought to have a professional license. So you can run your professional business around the region of Ajman Free Zone.

4. Industrial License

You need to have an industrial license with you if you are planning on manufacturing a plant in the free zone. So as the owner you are obliged to conduct all the necessary steps for the license as all the commodity production needs approval and industrial license from the Ajman Free Zone authority. Also, note that it offers storage services along with all other company storage requirements.

5. National Industrial License

If you are interested in a national industrial license then  you need to follow all the steps below

  • The first and foremost step is to get  registration from Ajman but should be working in the free zone
  • GCC nationals are to give you registration. Make sure that they are authentic and the nationals should be owing to a minimum of fifty-one percent of companies shares
  • Last but not least you have to follow the need that the companies forty per cent of share should take place at the free zone. Also, note that forty per cent share is the bare minimum

The stages involved in establishing a business in the Ajman Free Zone

The free zone of Ajman is one of the most well-known places to start a business because it provides all of the required services. However, you must first choose a company name, a business type, the type of licence required, the necessary documents to be prepared, and, most significantly, the location of your business within the free zone region.

 Now let’s look at the actions you’ll need to do to start a business in the Ajman Free Zone:

  • First and foremost, you must arm yourself with the necessary documentation and approvals prior to submitting documents to the Ajman free zone authorities.
  • After that, you must apply for registration and visas.
  • Following that, you must take care of the legal entity that you desire. You’ll have to choose from the four different forms of legal entities that you like and don’t like. There are four types of legal entities to choose from: Free Zone Establishment (FZE), Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC), Branch of a Foreign Company, and Branch of a Local Company.
  • Finally, you can choose a company name that complies with all naming rules and regulations, as well as the nature of the firm, in order to obtain a licence from the Ajman free zone administration.


The formation of a company in the Ajman free zone is a cost-effective and advantageous option. As a result, many companies are encouraged for Dubai free zone business setup via the Ajman Free Zone. So, if you want to start a business in the UAE, Ajman Free Zone is the greatest spot to start because it helps your firm grow quickly. The legal formalities might be tiring at times, so you should seek the assistance of the best professionals. All of your company formation procedures and other legal processes will be handled expertly by our professional team. You can reach out to them for more information on the business setup services.