Are you curious about finding someone’s liked photos on Instagram?

There was a time when this was public information that you could see on any user’s profile. This isn’t the case now and it’s concerning for some.

For example, are you worried that your partner is liking someone else’s photos a bit too much?

What if you want to track your own liked photos? What if you want an idea of what photos someone is liking so you can market your content to them?

This detailed guide will show you how to see someone’s liked photos on Instagram:

1. How ‘Liked Photos’ Used to Work

You might be curious to know what photos another user is liking. But you want to find out without asking them or without them knowing.

So how do you see what pictures someone likes on Instagram? The short answer is that you no longer can do this via Instagram.

There was a time on Instagram where you could access a ‘Following’ tab in which you could track the activity of any user you followed. This included liked photos, comments, whom they followed, etc.

This feature was disabled in 2019. Instagram became concerned about the privacy of its users. They soon realized that people would use this feature to stalk other Instagram users. Even if the intentions were sometimes innocent, this was a blatant violation of privacy.

The concerns from Instagram users have led to this feature being removed. It seems unlikely that future iterations of the Instagram app will have this feature brought back.

2. How to See Your Liked Photos

So how do you see your own liked photos on Instagram? This is a much simpler process though many users don’t know about it!

Do you recall that there was a beautiful photo you liked several months ago but you can’t remember the profile or even the photo’s details?

Go to your Settings and look for ‘My Activity.’ Here you’ll find an option to see a copy of each of your liked photos. You can also navigate to the user profile of the photos.

You can also ‘unlike’ a photo through this method. If you’re concerned about others seeing your activity you might want to do this. If you’re annoyed by social media marketers snooping through your liked photos, go ahead and ‘unlike’ the photos through this method.

While you might wish to show appreciation for a photo, it can be annoying to have this information shared with others. You might want to consider bookmarking a photo as an alternative. As of now, this information isn’t public.

Note: If a user deletes the photo or their account, the photo will no longer show on your liked photos.

3. Monitoring Services

Since the deletion of Instagram’s ‘Following’ tab, there have been efforts to create monitoring services for seeing another user’s Instagram activity.

This includes seeing their liked photos as well as other interactions via Instagram. While you might be tempted to use these services, remember that they might be prohibited in your jurisdiction.

You also want to consider the ethics of what you’re doing. For example, you might wish to look at your partner’s Instagram activity. You might be worried that they are liking the photos of someone with whom they’re having an affair.

These concerns are natural and you have the right to try to confirm your suspicions. But try to consider how you’d feel if you were being monitored.

Would you like it if your partner tried to look through your Instagram activity out of suspicion? If you have any suspicions, it’s best to discuss them with your partner up front.

But now there’s a new issue: how do you protect yourself from monitoring services?

The first step is to make your profile private. Most monitoring services can only monitor profiles that are public. You also want to limit your activity on Instagram.

For example, you can view a photo without needing to ‘like’ or comment on it. If you want to remember the photo for later viewing, write down the name of the user and a brief description of the photo.

4. Concerns for Parents

Monitoring services and the concern for social media stalking are often targeted toward suspicious partners or malicious persons.

But parents have a genuine concern to see what their children are viewing on Instagram and other social media platforms. Unless your child has a public Instagram profile, a monitoring service won’t work.

So how can a concerned parent keep an eye on their children without being too intrusive?

The best method is to tell your children to abstain from using social media entirely. While social media might seem exciting you want to inform them about the negative aspects.

You want to tell them about social media addiction and how too much use can bring them more sorrow than joy! You don’t want to necessarily turn them off social media entirely. Social media might help them discover new interests, friends, or even help them in their future careers.

But you want them to know about the dangers of Instagram and other social media platforms. It’s best that young children don’t have smartphones or tablet devices of their own. This way, they can’t create their own Instagram accounts.

However, if they do then you should request to have access to their profiles. Tell your children to share their login credentials with you. You should also have access to their devices so you can look through Instagram on occasion.

Let them know about what type of content you don’t want them to see. Let them know about the dangers of having a public profile and ‘liking’ or viewing any material you find objectionable.

5. Getting More Likes (Basics)

Now let’s move away from social media concerns to one of the more positive aspects of social media.

Instagram, in particular, is one of the best ways for brands to reach their target customers. Instagram marketers used to look through ‘liked photos’ to get an idea of what type of content their audience liked.

This has become much harder since the ‘Following’ tab was deleted. But there are still ways to decide what type of content to create.

As an Instagram marketer, you want to know what type of photos your followers like. This gives you an idea of what type of content to create and what type of content to avoid.

You should look through your profile and create a shortlist of your most popular posts. These are the posts that you should try to replicate for future posts.

With each post, you can see a list of all users who’ve liked your photo. Look through your most popular photos and see if there are users who like several of your posts.

This is a time-consuming process but it’s one that’ll help your marketing efforts! Suppose you see that ‘USER123’ has consistently liked your last 5 posts. Let’s suppose these last 5 posts have also been among your most popular posts.

You want to create similar content to these 5 posts. Then, you can expect USER123 to like your future posts.

6. Getting More Likes (Advanced)

Now let’s look at the advanced strategy on how to get more likes on Instagram.

The best way is to contact the users who most often ‘like’ your content. Following the previous example, you might want to follow USER123 and then send them a direct message.

In the direct message, you can thank USER123 for liking so many of your posts. You can encourage them to engage with your brand by visiting your direct link. You can also directly ask them what type of content they’d like to see on your Instagram account.

You might also want to keep a spreadsheet of the most popular photos on your profile. Keep a separate tab on your most loyal followers.

You should also look up similar Instagram accounts to yours. Look at their most popular photos and see who ‘likes’ these photos. You can try to reach out to these users. Encourage them to follow your Instagram profile.

You can also offer incentives for ‘liking’ your photos. For example, do you sell a product or service? You can send a discount code to any user who likes your photos.

As a final step, make sure you always revise your hashtags and make your captions SEO-friendly. These will ensure that you’ll bring more traffic and likes to your photos.

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Now you know how to look at someone’s liked photos on Instagram and use them for your needs.

If you are concerned that your partner is liking photos of someone else, it’s best to speak to them about it.

Trust is key to any healthy relationship and looking through Instagram activity is an underhanded method that you should try to avoid.

If you need to market to someone, you can use their liked photos to see what type of content they like. You can use liked photos to assess what type of content works best for your niche.

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