Desk job when offers you many leverages; it also has a hard impact on your physical fitness. When you sit all day, it becomes challenging to stay fit because your body is designed for physical activities like walking, working, playing etc.

When you sit around a desk for more than five hours a day, you are going towards an inactive lifestyle which might not affect your bodies now. Later, it can cause many health problems like obesity because of the fewer calories burned, osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome, etc.

However, you can always take some reasonable steps to benefit your physical health during your work hours to stay active and help prevent health risks.

1.   Stretch Regularly

Sitting continuously on the chair weakens up your spine and abdominal muscles. When there is no movement in your spine, your whole body suffers because the spine is the core of your body. But you don’t have to worry.

If your work also demands nine hours of continuous sitting, then try these varieties of stretching exercise.

·        Neck rotations:

Move each side of your head towards the other side. Each round should end up with your ear resting towards your shoulder. Try this exercise after every hour or two, and you’re good to go.

·        Overhead reach to twist

Stretch both your hands en route to the head and interlink your fingers. Next, face your palm upward to the ceiling and twist your hands to the opposite sides.

There are more stretching exercises such as static reverse leg raise, seated torso twist, etc., that you can practice from time to time to unlock your spine and bond the abdominal muscles.

2.   Do Not Use Elevators

When called for the meeting or when you are entering and leaving your workplace, try not to use elevators. Consider using stairs. This way, you are not only aiding yourself stay active but stay fit and healthy, as climbing up the stairs helps you shed calories faster than just randomly walking.

However, taking stairs might cause shortness of breathing for a while, but the more you do it, the sooner you get used to it. When you are used to climbing stairs, it will get easier for you to alleviate the use of elevators from your life.

3.   Take Small Breaks

You don’t have to be bonded to your station all day. You can get up after every hour or two and take a ten to fifteen minutes break. This tactic helps you stay active, and you are less likely to get bored of your job very soon. Being a manager, or team lead you can try scheduling software for staff and yourself as well to monitor breaks and work performance.

Every time you take a break, try something new; for instance, stroll around your workplace while chitchatting with your colleagues. On the second run, listen to some pop culture music. Still, if you are not interested in walking, take a water break and go some extra steps to your favorite colleague.

You can also consider inviting your mates for a fifteen minutes’ walk outside your office premises.

4.   Perform Desk Workouts

No matter how hectic your schedule is, you can still take out a few minutes and perform some short workouts near your working station. These exercises can be completed in even ten minutes because all you need to do is strengthen your muscles.

Our top picks that need very little space and can be completed in ten minutes include:

  • Chair squats
  • Arm circles
  • Wall sits
  • Knee pull-ins
  • Side leg lifts

Even standing up is an excellent exercise that I didn’t know before surfing the internet to buy dissertation online. You can try increasing your stand-up time while working. Typing and sorting documents are just two of many examples from them.

5.   Focus On Your Sitting Posture

Staying conscious of your posture is essential when you are entirely stuck at your working desk. No matter how long you walk or how much you exercise you do at the end, when you sit in your chair, you start to slump.

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To stop yourself from slouching and enhance your posture, make sure you sit up straight, and your hips and knees form a right angle.

Sitting with a bad posture results in misaligning your spinal column even if you are implementing proper exercise techniques. So whenever you find yourself sprawling, fix it; otherwise, the consequences can be challenging.

6.   Watch Out For What You Eat

Keep a strict eye on what you are eating because your work’s nature won’t let you cut down those fatty calories. Go for a heavy breakfast and munch on some dry fruits and guilt-free snacking so, in the end, you don’t end up taking out a Malteser from the vending machine.

7.   Drink More Water

To stay fit and healthy drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Take your water bottle with you and drink water after every 25-30 Minutes. Make sure to cut down soda and caffeine instead; you can try gulping green tea with honey and few drops of lemon.

Be Fit And Productive At Your Job

Exercising at the workplace doesn’t only help you improve your well-being but also leverages your time management skills.

With a low-intensity workout like stretching, you can quickly improve the productivity and efficiency of your work.

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Amanda Jerelyn is a Blogger at Crowd Writer, one of the UK’s best dissertation writing services. During her free times, Amanda likes to practice mindful yoga and indulge herself in some pop music.

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