Many parents are worried about the frequent use of smartphones by teenagers. The virtual network is full of cyberbullying, stalking and trolling. Corporate employers find that employees leak company secrets, or doubt the loyalty of their partners. They need to install a monitoring app on their phones to find out the truth and Solve the problem.

Thanks to modern technology, tracking a cell phone via a parental control app to ensure your child is safe or that your partner isn’t cheating on you is never easier.  With one of the best spy apps, you can track a phone and confirm or dispel your suspicions regarding a cheating partner or an insubordinate child. Besides showing you the precise location of the target device, a good cell phone tracker app allows you to read through your partner’s messages, browser history, and more.

What are Cell Phone Monitoring Apps?

With a cell phone monitoring app, you can see exactly what they are doing on their phone, who they are chatting with on social media, and you can also track their location. The software supports a variety of mobile devices, including phones and tablets. You can view calls, text messages, messages, WhatsApp conversations, ambient recordings, photos, videos, and more by accessing your web dashboard at any time to view the latest recordings. In addition, monitoring applications can locate in real time, and you can easily find lost or stolen mobile phones. The installation and setting of the software are very simple, no professional knowledge is required, you only need to get the target mobile phone.

How to install cell phone monitoring app?

Remote monitor someone’s phone

Follow below guide on how to use CellSpy monitoring software

Step 1: Sign up for an account. Fill in the email account and enter the password used to create the account.

Step 2: Start installing the software. During the setup process, you need to fill in the basic information of the target phone.

Step 3: Complete the permission setting. Please open the “Settings” option, you will see the “Unknown Sources” option and enable it, then download the Mycellspy application software on the target device. After installing the application software, fill in the account number and password and log in. Follow the prompts to complete all permission settings, and click the “Hide Icon” button, it will hide the icon from the phone screen and track in stealth mode.

Step 4: Finally, you can open a browser on your computer or phone and log in to your account. On the dashboard, you will see various options. Now you can track the real-time location of the target phone and monitor the full history of the target phone.

What are the features of Mycellspy cell phone tracker?

Browse/Bookmark and Email:

Monitor mobile browsing activity, historical URLs, time-stamped bookmarks, all incoming emails.

Android multimedia monitoring:

Monitor multimedia files on your phone, or photos, videos and images stored on your phone.

Remote data backup:

Create backup data and store it remotely so you can find lost or stolen phones.

Remote screenshot:

Remotely capture what’s on your phone’s screen, and even capture multiple screenshots with a single command.

Device switching:

Multiple device switching options with same licensing, switching OS and multi-platform support.

Get device information:

Get the details of the target device such as Wi-Fi, battery, GPS, carrier name and device model IMEI and storage space.

Listen to call recordings:

Track and listen to voice calls in real time, including incoming or outgoing calls on the target phone.

Track positioning:

You can query the current location and historical location of the phone through GPS positioning.

Ambient Recording:

Remotely turn on the phone’s camera and microphone to take pictures, record audio, and shoot videos of the surrounding environment.


You can remotely capture phone passwords, SMS, chat conversations and emails, etc.

Check social media app:

Remotely view instant messages and application logs sent by social apps on the target phone.