Electric paint sprayers can change the painting game. They work amazingly on all surfaces no matter how many obstacles are there.

You can use an electric paint sprayer on your imperfect walls where there are gaps, bumps, and cracks. It covers all those obstacles and gives a fine finishing.

They can work on all kinds of exterior walls, and you can use them to add comfort to your work. If you will use a paintbrush, it will take a lot of time. And you will also feel tired after using it for hours.

An electric paint sprayer can do the job in hours, and you will not get tired after using them. Some of the companies like titan send titan sprayer parts to their customers to add comfort to their work.

It is a marketing strategy, but it adds value to the electric paint sprayers.

How to use an electric paint sprayer?

For using an electric paint sprayer, you have to follow some simple steps, and they include

Set up the sprayer in paint cane

It is the first step of using an electric paint sprayer, and you need two buckets for different purposes. In one bucket, add paint and the other for draining waste.

Put the siphon tube in the paint bucket directly and the drain tube in the waste bucket. Plugin the paint sprayer into the electric outlet and move to the next step.

Prime the sprayer

Change the mode of your paint prayer from paint to prime. It takes few seconds, and while doing that, hold the trigger of the paint sprayer tightly.

Switch on the paint sprayer and drain the paint.

Move drain tube into a paint can

Now it is time to pump the paint. There are thirty seconds at one time to drain maximum paint at one turn. The paint will start pumping, and it goes all the way through one path.

Now quickly switch on the drain tube into a paint can. While doing this, hold the clips of the siphon tube and drain tube, to allow the paint to move through the passage.

Wear your protective gear

After pumping up the paint, now it is your turn to get ready. Gear up with protective care, but make sure to keep your layering a little less.

If you layer up too much, it would get uncomfortable for you to handle. You have to be careful and protect your eyes, hair, skin, and clothes, but that does not mean you have to overdress.

Keep it minimum but according to the requirement.

Hold the paint sprayer in your hand

Holding a paint sprayer is not easy as it seems. When you hold it closer than 12 inches, you will drip paint. For proper holding, make sure that you maintain a distance between 12 to 24 inches from your wall.

If you increase the distance from 24 inches, the result will not be satisfactory. And you will see an uneven coverage and a fuzzy texture of paint on your wall.

Spray the paint in sections

The best of using an electric paint sprayer is to paint with it in the form of sections. Make small sections, and it would help you in giving a fine finish to your wall.

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