In the present time, when the need for mobile applications is escalating, the use of flutter app development has also become an inevitable part of developers’ and businesses’ lives. As per the latest records, Flutter has already been used by over 2 million developers, which counts for 500,000 users on monthly bases. Moreover, the numbers are impressively increasing as the framework sets the benchmark for other app development tools due to its speedy approach and pool of opportunities for app developers. 

On the contrary, businesses today majorly benefit from the opportunity of creating an application that gives outstanding user experience and add-on value to the project. This applies to startup companies as well. Nevertheless, with such high demand for app development tools, app failure is also possible. The reason may either be choosing the wrong programming language or a framework that gives a poor performance that might prevent enterprises from achieving their goals effectively. 

But with flutter app development services, such mishaps can be avoided. How? Flutter is a cross-platform UI toolkit to develop mobile apps, websites, and desktop applications. Many world-class businesses like Google Ads,, Rive, and whatever else choose Flutter to build profoundly popular applications in the digital space. According to experts, Flutter is the best alternative to build applications to give its users a worthwhile experience. But how to use flutter app development for your business? This article will shed some light on the pros and cons of Flutter while also covering the most relevant use cases. So let’s see how this open-source toolkit can build you a successful product exclusively. 

What is Futter App Development?

Flutter app development is an open-source technology introduced in 2015 by Google to develop mobile, desktop, and web applications using a single codebase that can run on the multi-platform facet. Flutter is built on Dart, a not-so-popular programming language among developers. The reason is the complexity of learning and understanding the language, but coders who learn Dart have better career opportunities and experiences. In addition, the framework empowers cross-platform app development for its UI software development kit (SDK). 

Now, what is SDK? SDK is a set of varied tools, including frameworks, libraries, APIs, documentation, etc., that are required while building an application. 

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Why Use Flutter For App Development?

Flutter mobile app development has tremendously captured the attention of many big and small companies. But will it help you conquer your business goals? Let’s have a closer look at the potential of choosing Flutter to comprehend why companies are inclined to use this mobile app development technology to build their business applications. 

Cross-platform Compatibility

While developing an iOS and Android application, a flutter app developer uses a single codebase to create both systems simultaneously. Ever wondered how? It is due to the inducement of cross-platform compatibility designed to save time and resources, making app development a much easier job for developers.

Comparatively Fast 

There are many frameworks and languages available to create an application, then why the hype of flutter app development is more? Its because of Flutter’s speed, popularly known as “hot reload,” which means developers can easily and quickly fix bugs, experiment, build UIs, and add as many features in the app as required hassle-free.

Hot reload works by injecting the latest source code documents into the running Dart Virtual Machine (VM). After that, the VM gets updated with the latest versions of horizons and functions, which automatically re-creates the widget tree, enabling it to view the previous changes quickly. This even makes the workflow of developers and designers easier and more effective. 

Top-notch User Experience

Flutter uses ready-made widgets to create an application that scale-up the app development process. From font to bottom, everything is customized in flutter development. Here the widgets can be combined to create much more complicated layouts, giving a seamless top-notch user experience. 

Flutter Supports Older Devices

People using Flutter app development know there aren’t any added costs involved in supporting older operating systems. However, as more and more innovations occur, developers majorly worry about making changes in the code as updated operating systems are regularly introduced to the users. But with Flutter, everything remains the same, meaning you can run an application even on older versions of Android and iOS devices. It is a big deal for developers as it helps them save time and costs and inclines them to improve the user experience altogether. 


We have already discussed how choosing Flutter for your app development can cut costs and give value to your product. As Flutter uses a single codebase for creating an app, it automatically escalates the development cycle, requires minimal developers, and reduces complexity. Do you know what that means? You will get access to creating two apps for both Android and iOS devices with a budget that is pocket friendly for businesses. 

Google Guaranteed

Developing an app for your business requires surety, whether it’s the objective or a tool to create an app. Google gives its developers a long-term flutter support guarantee as the company uses the technology. So now you know how powerful this mobile app development tool can be for your business. Google has implemented the technology in many of its creations, like Google Ads, Google Fuchsia, etc., giving us a full-proof guarantee of its efficiency and usefulness. 

Great MVP Builder

MVPs seem to be a must-have for each business as they may assist you in validating your idea and obtaining the initial investment for your project. MVPs are short, basic software versions with key functions that are simple to create and launch. In addition, they exist to test the concept and get early feedback to create a better app in the following version. 

Companies that do not have an MVP have difficulty getting investors and must proceed into development blindly. On the other hand, flutter app development is ideal for an MVP since the SDK is broad, simple to comprehend and learn, and produces high-quality apps.

When to Use/Not to Use Flutter

If you have come to this segment, we are sure there must be great questions running through your mind. What is flutter app development well-used for? Or what kind of app can be created using the technology and why? We have cracked all the questions below. Let’s see how you can use Flutter for your app development. 

If you are looking to develop a gaming application.

Flutter gives excellent and feature-rich app performance, making it a suitable fit for developing a gaming application. In addition, you can seamlessly implement AR functionality to provide a better look and feel to your users as well. 

If you are looking to develop an on-demand application.

On-demand applications are currently in trend. By using flutter development services, you can unlock native-like performance, enticing designs, and hands-on to a great user interface. 

What Else Can Flutter Do?

Another breakthrough in the mobile app sector is machine learning (ML), which enables personalization and precise sales forecasting. The technology has grown in prominence over the last decade, and Flutter app development allows you to include ML in your project. Flutter includes a plugin, firebase ml vision 0.9.7 that provides access to Firebase’s machine learning tools and kits. Even unskilled Flutter devs may use this kit to add ML elements to their projects, such as voice or face recognition.

Over To You

Choosing the right flutter app development company can be challenging as the market is continuously blooming. But with appropriate comparisons and market analysis, you can crack the best developers for your app development. Ensure that the mobile app development company you choose matches your set of goals and objectives for seamless app deployment to the path of success. 
Authors bio: Amara works with the editorial team of DianApps, a leading company offering website development company. Exploring the latest technologies, reading about them, and writing her views have always been her passion. She seeks new opportunities to express her opinions, explore technological advancements, and document the details. You can always find her enjoying books or articles about varied topics or jotting down her ideas in a notebook.